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XXXTentacion Fans Riot & Jump Off Roofs in Chaotic L.A. Memorial Over Dead Rapper

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Wednesday, 20 Jun 2018 09:59 AM / 2 Comments
Photo Credit: TMZ; REX/Shutterstock

Rapper XXXTentacion was shot and killed Monday afternoon in Miami which has sent the industry reeling over his death. Melrose Avenue was closed down by fans as a tribute to him in L.A. last night with people jumping on top of cars, taking over the street and jumping off roofs. With the hundreds in the street descending into chaos over his death, you’d think he had been shot by the police. It began as a peaceful memorial with long lines of candles placed outside along with fans saying quiet prayers until hundreds appeared later and as one could predict, chaos didn’t take long to ensue. It all began it 8pm and by 10pm the police were there to control the crowd. Rubber and pepper bullets had to be shot by police into the crowd after rocks were thrown at the officers tasked with addressing the chaos.

The controversial rapper was awaiting trial for a number of charges including physically assaulting his ex while she was pregnant which could cumulatively have him in prison for decades. He signed a $6 million deal at a time when a viral video of him going upside a fan’s head with a mic had surfaced. He stabbed a man in elementary school for messing with his mother, he said. He was put out of chorus for punching a classmate and was expelled from middle school for fighting and violently beat up a gay man while in juvenile detention, a story he’s since bragged about so he’s had a life of being involved in violence, but to his credit, he says he grew up with his mother who “hard it hard” and often simply couldn’t take care of him.

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