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Why Does Charlize Theron Dress Her 6 Year Old Son Up as a Girl?

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Friday, 13 Jul 2018 19:29 PM / No Comments
Photo Credit: 4CRNS, SL / BACKGRID

Something very bizarre is going on with Charlize Theron. The 42 year old actress and mother of 2 adopted black children was seen out with her 6 year old son Jackson in L.A. outside of the city’s federal building with extensions and a girl’s onesie on. This isn’t the first time as she’s allowed him to wear dress apparently for years and the odd thing as she’s never addressed it. While this is her child and she doesn’t have to account for her parenting, whenever you do something unusual, against social norms or even considered child abuse to some, it’s a good idea to at least speak about it. Hell, write a tweet so the rest of us don’t think you’re crazy.

As a gay person, this is where I come in with the unpopular opinion. The problem is that my side feels children should be able to come out and be open as early as possible and the world be forced and even shamed into accepting them. While I do not advocate staying in the closet, children can be brutal and before you make the decision to be open about your sexuality you need to know what you are subjecting yourself to. You’ll be open to predators, harrassment and might I add you likely are going to want to learn how to fight. Also, being another gender altogether or at least dressing like it is not a decision a 6 year old should be making. Considering an 18 year old hardly knows what they want to be as an adult careerwise, why would a 6 year old know that they want to be another gender and why would a parent think the child is ready to make such a decision. Look at most LGBT advertising. It’s mostly involving some form of medication. The entire lifestyly and what comes with it needs to be explained to them before the decision to go out as another gender is made. That decision cannot be made or even understood at 6 and no parent should be encouraging that behavior either.

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A regular contributor to Today’s Parent Magazine Emma Waverman said for parents who have a child that’s considering exploring breaking gender norms to consider a compromise such as boys wearing dresses at home and pink nail polish at school. I remember going to a kindergarten graduation with a white mother who had a new Lexus where her rambunctious (I’m trying to be nice) child had taken an ink pen and written in every single crevice of the car and threw things at her while she was driving as she quietly asked him to stop. That is Emma… not exactly Emma but that is the type of person she is. You have something called parental privilege where you tell your child what they’re wearing outside. The same way we don’t negotiate with terrorists you don’t negotiate with your child on what is and isn’t appropriate to wear especially when trying to protect them.

Back to Charlize Theron. While this is her child and she has the right to do what she wants, it isn’t going to stop judgment and especially a sharp side eye on her parenting skills about the likely psychological damage she’s causing her child.

Glitzers, do you think a parent should aid in their 6 year old cross dressing in public?

Photo Credit: 4CRNS, SL / BACKGRID

Photo Credit: 4CRNS, SL / BACKGRID

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