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Wendy Williams Says Tyrese Bashes Black Women because He’s Really Gay

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Thursday, 13 Apr 2017 21:39 PM / No Comments

Wendy Williams hit the nail on the head about Tyrese Gibson and the years we’ve had to deal with his self righteousness about how black women should act. He spent an entire Instagram post roasting women with lace front wigs that style them into ponytails, spoke about promiscuous women and this time Wendy just wasn’t having any of it. The irony is that he just got married so why is he doing interviews telling women how they should behave? He’s largely been ignored as of late, much like his music career but his social media posts are starting to really gain traction.

While discussing what he chose to call sluts, skeezers, hoes and tramps, Wendy asked, who chose to make him the moral police? She also points out that he never says anything bad about men. Well that’s because, as she says… he likes men. Well, Wendy, it’s about time somebody says it. If you can manage to still take time out of your schedule to attack black women when you have a beautiful one at home that you literally just got hitched to, there’s definitely a problem and one you might want to sit down with your wife about so she can know what she’s getting herself into. Is it just me or is the tea exceptionally hot today?

Here's the full segment that @wendyshow did on @tyrese Thoughts ?

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