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Watch Beyonce’s Full 2018 Coachella Performance Here – Her Blackest Performance Yet

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Sunday, 15 Apr 2018 12:01 PM / No Comments

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Beyonce’s return to Coachella resulted in the entire event being renamed on social media as #Beychella with fans ready to enroll in her HBeyCU. For those who don’t get the expression, she appeared on stage with a 100 person background dancer set, all on bleachers, horns playing for what could be described as the blackest possible performance eve. Why is this significant? She’s the first black woman to headline Coachella and for years people have accused her of trying to be white. I suppose she got tired of the comparisons and gave a full on college stepshow performance. No one would get to that point in their career and give what would be considered an unapologetically black performance. Generally, that’s when you begin to crossover into more European music and even in style. The reality is Beyonce’s already done that and left a major label to release her music on her own terms on her husband’s music streaming platform, Tidal.

But back to her performance, she lead the audience in Left Every Voice and Sing, the official National Black Anthem. In a time where debates about what black people should wear to not be shot, she made it known that it’s okay to be black and completely embraced it during her Coachella set. The bleachers on stage were black and gold, organized in a pyramid, likely made to mimic Martin Luther King, Jr’s fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha. Her fur boots are reminiscent of an HBCU band major as well.

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Beyonce’s performance included the following:

Crazy in Love
Bow Down
Drunk In Love
Déjà Vu with JAY-Z
Run The World (Girls)
Lose My Breath with Destiny’s Child
Say My Name with Destiny’s Child
Soldier with Destiny’s Child
Love on Top

She even had a dance-off with little sister Solange; y’know, the one who went upside Jay-Z’s head in that elevator? Yea, her. The revisiting of her roots reuniting Destiny’s Child was well received. Jay-Z being brought out on stage was another story. She’s gone years without having any men on stage, only to bring them out and tell them all they weren’t ish. To the feminists out there, please don’t take that as a greenlight to bash all men because keep in mind, this is still an act. Beyonce is still married with children and has vowed to make it work. She’s allowed to vent her frustration through her artistry. Take it all with a grain of salt.

Glitzers, watch Beyonce’s show stopping 2.5 hour set at Coachella below and tell us how amazing it was because there’s simply no other explanation for it:

In case the video doesn’t work above, watch it here

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