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WAIT: Safaree Says Nicki Minaj Stabbed & Tried to Kill Him + She Says He Hired Prostitutes & Is Calling Him Sis

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Tuesday, 14 Aug 2018 14:55 PM / No Comments
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David X Prutting/BFA/Shutterstock; Safaree/Instagram

Wait a minute, wait a minute, just wait one God d*mn minute. As we speak, Safaree and Nicki Minaj are spilling ALL of their relationship tea just days after the release of her new album. Whether this is some ploy for attention for album sales and social media clout or if this is genuine is one thing but they’re cutting low. For one, Nicki said she should have never paid for his “gyatdamn hairline” which fell back out because “God don’t like ugly.” Charlamagne tweeted him asking how much for the hairline and said “I know you see me text your phone bruh. Answer my damn question!!!” Nicki responded saying “10 racks.” She said “Tyga’s sh*t ain’t fall out. Ya’ll went to the same doctor. God had other plans!!” “Then she claims he was playing with himself in the shower and asked her and her then boyfriend Meek Mill to get the video footage back from someone. She told him God was going to strike him for going around lying about her as well.

But just what caused this epic back and forth between these two? Well, besides the fact she just released a new album and anyone who has ever looked at Safaree knows he’s an attention whore anyway. It looks like he got just what he was lookin’ for. He announced that while he was in a relationship with Nicki she stabbed him with a knife and tried to kill him. He says he had to tell the police he tried to commit suicide so they wouldn’t take her to jail. And he says it wasn’t the first time, that it kept happening. As for the rest, you all are going to have to see for yourselves. I’m in actual tears writing this because the reading going on is EPIC. And for those who haven’t seen them yet, we’ve included a link to Safaree’s nudes below for your viewing pleasure.


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