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Tyga’s Now Singing Usher Songs at His Concerts + Denies Having a Process Server Jumped

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Wednesday, 30 May 2018 15:30 PM / No Comments
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Tyga made lists for rappers who didn’t know they weren’t famous anymore, but it hasn’t stopped him. He might be out with the Kardashians but he’s still out here performing and switching things up for his fans. Speaking of switching up, he just performed an ’01 throwback from Usher’s 8701 album, U Remind Me doing dance steps and all. Chris Brown was in the audience loving every bit of it. Considering how they did a duet album together, Fan of a Fan, the last thing he’d probably expect him to do was breaking out in his shtick. Tyga gets an E for Effort from us. It’s always good seeing artists step out of their comfort zone trying something different, so why not? Tyga got a new hairline, buffed up and now he thinks he can do anything. Hey, we’re not mad at you, Tyga.

Now speaking of feeling invincible, Tyga’s being sued by a process server that said when he showed up at his door in November 2016, he ordered his friends to beat him up. We’re sorry to break it to you Tyga but #NewHairlinePrivilege doesn’t extend to whooping people’s asses whose job is only to notify you of your court date. Now it isn’t clear what he was being sued for but we’ve reported on the number of homes he’s rented and subsequently not paid rent there so it was probably for him being a squatter. Anyway, Adam Harari is suing for alleged emotional and physical harm as well as damage to his reputation after being allegedly grabbed, yanked and choked. But here’s the interesting part of it. In court documents, not only did Tyga deny the allegations, he requested the judge throw the case out, but not before stating the process server “knew the risks” of his job. So what does that mean? Is he insinuating that there is a possibility that he can get jumped by someone doing his job who just so happened to possibly be friends of his? Nice save, Tyga. We would say that’s a good way of protecting yourself if it weren’t so obvious. #FixItJesus

Glitzers, check out Mr. #NewHairlineWhoDis Tyga singing Usher’s music below:


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