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Tori Spelling Gets Embarrassed by the Internet Posting Photoshopped Bikini Pic & Deletes It

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Monday, 18 Jun 2018 15:03 PM / 1 Comment
Photo Credit: Tori Spelling/Instagram

Tori Spelling is my favorite underreported Hollywood hot mess. After all, her mother wrote her a letter at 35 calling her middle aged. It doesn’t get any better than that. Well this time the hot mes, known as Tori Spelling made the news for a body transformation photo she posted to Instagram yesterday of herself in a bathing suit showing off what progress she made after a whopping 5 babies. She waxed poetically about how difficult it was and that not only was she proud of herself but that her husband loves her at whatever weight she’s at.

In her Instagram post, Tori writes “After having my 5th baby I have to admit my body didn’t bounce back the way it did with the first 4! But I’ve been working at it and eating and playing to live my best life and I feel like its showing! Back in a one piece minus the coverup or shorts finally! Part of this transformation in progress is my husband @imdeanmcdermott makes me feel great about myself no matter what weight I’m at. And, I’m finally loving seeing my hard work start to pay off! Thanks Body! We Got this… #happyfathersday #bodylove”


Well, first there is the irony of her husband cheating on her that can’t be ignored. Then there’s the fact that the photo looks 100% unbelievable and PHOTOSHOPPED. We wrote about what she looked like just this past March and there is almost no way she lost all of that weight unless she paid a trainer and given the way she carries on about her finances, we know that didn’t happen so Tori, why lie? The internet has been checking her for the last 16 hours the pic has been up asking her to go knock it off. Here’s some of the comments:

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“What’s with the lines under your arms. Doesn’t look like your body or face,” one fan wrote. “Did one of your kids photoshop this picture????” another asked. “umm photoshopping the f–k out of yourself is definitely looking for the approval of others. Why not show the real body?”

NOTE: As we wrote this Tori Spelling deleted the pic.. literally this very second

We were going to copy more comments from the her Instagram page and saw Tori deleted the pic. We were actually hoping she didn’t because the best way to tell a lie is to stick with it. Keep in mind just this past March the police were called on her a number of times over her behavior and was accused of having a breakdown. She even staged a family dinner out in public just to show she could behave sanely. I hate to say it but at times, this woman appears to be better off if she left her children with her husband and got help. It’s been around a decade her father passed, left her with not much but $800,000 is a lot more than most people and she has been bitter, nasty and acting desperate ever since. Hell, her mother says she pays her mortgage just so the children have something to eat. She needs to get her life together because now she’s embarrassing herself.

In other news, at least Tori’s still working. She’ll be appearing in the sixth and final installment of Sharknado alongside her husband Dean McDermott so fans will be able to see just how much she lied about her body transformation on Instagram August 19th on SyFy at 8pm.

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Photo Credit: Tori Spelling/ Instagram


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