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Tonya Harding Says She’s Had Rats Thrown in Her Mailbox & Sh** Thrown at Her Car Since ’94

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Wednesday, 10 Jan 2018 19:05 PM / No Comments

It is 2018 and America’s obsession with Tonya Harding still hasn’t ceased despite her being married and going by Tonya Price now. Somewhere Connie Chung is wringing her hands in glee. The 47 year old tells the New York Times that everything about her life since her ’94 scandal where her ex-husband attacked her then top opponent Nancy Kerrigan. There’s always been a cloud of how involved she was in the attack as she wasn’t charged with being in connection but didn’t immediately come forward about her knowledge of the incident.


The New York Times piece featuring her is Tonya Harding Would Like Her Apology Now. That’s some heck of a level of privilege to carry out the persona of being the biggest b*tch of a decade only to be followed up by Omarosa in the 2000s, why America owes HER an apology would escape many. So let me try to explain this to you. She had to leave her home state of Oregon because the state, yes, the entire state turned on her and she experienced everything from rats in her mailbox to sh** thrown at her door and her truck.

Now being featured in a new biography about her life that debuted this past December titled I, Tonya, she is thrusted back into the spotlight and in a better light than she previously has. Hell, she’s even being portrayed by Australian actress Margot Robbie, a stunningly beautiful young woman who is scores hotter than she was in her 20s. Tonya has repeatedly complained of telling her story over and over without getting the chance to fully explain herself.

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We’re all too quick to judge without gathering facts. Many still believe she was the one who attacked Nancy. America is a country that loves second chances. (See Mariah Carey and Volkswagen both redeeming themselves in 2017.) Over the years she has worked as a hardware Sales clerk at Sears, been a welder, a painter, she even had an amateur boxing career fighting Paula Jones. The irony is she said she never bought the idea that hitting someone could work out your aggression. I don’t even have to write that joke. You can imagine that one yourself.

It’s 2018 and Tonya Harding, err Tonya Price has been given a new lease on life. After all this time, let’s just wish her the best. As Connie Chung put it, both Tonya and Nancy were both nasty little whenches, so let’s try to make by gones by gones.

For those interested, I, Tonya is currently in theaters and will be released to DVD this March.


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