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This is What French Montana Thinks about the J Cole – Lil Pump Beef

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Wednesday, 25 Apr 2018 17:14 PM / No Comments

Right now, rapper J Cole is breaking records. He’s outpaced Drake’s 2017 album Views having the most streams of his new album #KOD in the U.S. by nearly a million streams on Apple Music and Spotify and he did it all without cheating on anyone, getting 5 girls pregnant, punching his baby mother in the face, reality television, any of that. He’s a testament to how true talent always wins but it doesn’t come without criticism.

There is this silent beef between J Cole and Lil Pump that is as intriguing as it is ridiculous in nature. Lil Pump made a diss track about J Cole where a portion of the track was released but not the whole thing. This likely made its way to J Cole who responded in his album track 1985. Pump’s first reaction, aside from calling him a punk for picking on a 17 year old, (correction, a “lame ass jit”) was recording Fuck J Cole but has since thanked him for the additional clout he’s given him.

French Montanta’s worked with Lil Pump, knows the game and offered his thoughts on what’s going on.

“Honestly, you got to respect every generation of hip-hop,” he stated and went on to give him credit for his contributions to the industry. “I love what Lil Pump is doing for the game. I love what Tupac and Biggie did for the game, I also love what Run-DMC and them did for the game,” he explained. “I just feel like the game just changes. I just feel like right now, there’s more rich rappers than back in the day. Right now it’s more … it became a lifestyle. It just shows growth.”

There’s space for everyone whether you like everyone at the table or not which is precisely the point French Montana tried to make saying “Whoever don’t like him, why you listening to him,” he added. “There’s still lyrical rappers out here. Whatever kind of rap you want to listen to, go listen to it. I love Lil Pump’s music.”

Through all of this, J Cole handled it like a professional. Without engaging in a full blown field, he still responded to the mindset that made Lil Pump come after him. Pump can’t be upset that a 17 year old was attacked as he claimed, when a 17 year old came at him first. The situation was responded to by both him and French Montana as the mediator… without calling names. And it worked out in the end because Lil Pump got a little bit of a credibility boost, in his mind anyway. Now if French Montana is able to call a ceasefire between these two, maybe he can help them both with getting better hairstylists… just saying.

Glitzers, do you think French Montana should have inserted himself in this situation or left these two to fight it out in Thunderdome?


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