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#TheShade: Iyanla Makes Hazel E Read Her Lyrics “Pop My Butt” to Harriet Tubman

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Saturday, 14 Apr 2018 19:05 PM / No Comments

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Hazel E made the show by flying in on a helicopter for a performance and being the crowned Queen of sh*t starting, flaunting her new body and throwing shade… that is until she was fired. She was let go from the show for making racist remarks about castmembers being monkeys jealous of her light skin and a little bit of homophobia thrown in there for fun. In her defense, she was picked on incessantly both on social media and on the show and she felt that once she chose to retaliate, she was the problem. After that extensive scene she made on social media going off about monkeys and gays, we immediately started drafting an article saying she belonged on Iyanla’s show and BAM, it happened.


Now once Hazel got on the show, Iyanla read her tweets about monkey butts and let her know that because she was darker than her, clearly she must have been speaking about her. And while Hazel liked putting down the rest of the cast on the show, Iyanla chose to have Hazel read some of her own rap lyrics to people much greater than her, such as Sojourner Truth and Rosa Parks. As soon as she was told to do it, holding the lyrics to Pop My Butt, realizing she had to read it to Rosa Parks, she said it would be embarrassing. And when she finished, Iyanla asked her “Do you know what Pop My Butt meant to Harriet Tubman? Do you know what it meant? It meant a whip!” This has to be the best clip from Iyanla’s Fix My Life. If this doesn’t bring in ratings, I don’t know what will.

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Glitzers, Iyanla’s Fix My Life will be on tonight, April 14th at 9pm if you’re interested in watching. Watch the clip of Hazel reading to Harriet Tubman below:

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