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The Media Mogul’s #STFUManifesto: A Comprehensive Guide to Shuttin’ TF Up Part I

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Wednesday, 07 Mar 2018 18:36 PM / No Comments

The following guide came from years of working in both the public and private sector, dealing with people who had language barrios, unqualified staff members, the functional drug addict that everyone knows about their habit but no one talks about, language barrios, the whole 9 yards. Being self-employed now and reflecting on all of these events, I’ve decided to publish my #STFUManifesto. I actually started this years ago on Twitter and never published it. Another site covered it years ago but they don’t archive their work that far back.


This is a multi part series. We’re going to begin with the course outline. Did you think this was a joke? This is serious. While the country is debating gun violence solutions, I’m sure some of it just MIGHT have had something to do with one party’s refusal to stfu. And if you’re offended by that, people are shot in films every day for not shutting tf up. Obviously there is a lesson to be learned there. The chances of things going that far are extreme but doing so (shutting tf up) will at least keep your face in one piece.

Growing up I was argumentative. I would risk a debilitating whooping with a belt just to be right. I’ll never forget the argument I won where I told a relative “that’s why none of their brothers and sisters could stand them now.” I immediately received the look of death followed by a slow clap where I was then congratulated on getting a 2 week vacation… at my uncle’s house. “Go pack your bags, see ya in two weeks.” Shutting tf up would have prevented this.

Have you ever tried to work and that one person kept coming to your desk? I worked with a Realtor at about 20 who had an assistant that she hated. She went as far as buying a chair with a high back to keep her from speaking to her. She would come in at 8am having a 40 minute conversation about the weather or some meme she found online about KFC serving fake chicken. I think we all fantasized about what would happen if one day she so happened to get locked in the bathroom mysteriously and we all went home. Object lesson: Shutting tf up would have allowed the rest of us to do our job and spend our spare time doing things beside writing the pilot for How to Get Away with Murder years before the show was even thought about.

I saw a man interviewing for a job who as he exited the door saw the receptionist scratching her head, then out of a lack of ability to start small talk, also proceeded to scratch his head and asked “ya got it?” Solution: Just STFU and leave!

Sometimes, you not only need to STFU but you need to CONTINUE to stfu. Some people know they are annoying, their annoying behavior would be addressed to which they would be quiet for 2 days and go right back to standing over your desk breathing their hot breath leaving you no choice but to sit and use your years of experience watching Murder She Wrote to see how you could evade Angela Lansbury figuring out what you did with their body. Object lesson: Don’t just STFU, CONTINUE shutting tf up.

If I asked you to stop talking to me or that you are provoking me and you continue talking, there is a chance you might A) “accidentally” get hit by a door, B) I may look around, see if anyone is watching, whisper what I will do to you if you choose NOT to stfu (items which I can not state in writing) or C) Well, let’s try not to get to item C.

Some people wrestle with shutting tf up. It’s a challenge. That’s why if you are one of those people and you have been threatened or are the recipient of several complaints for your inability to stfu, figure that **** out before you leave home. Realize that at the end of the day, your shutting tf up will actually lead to a more positive environment for everyone. Do you really want to be yelled at all your life? #DoBetter.

You remember that time your mom told you if you didn’t stfu she would turn that car around and wear you out? Remember how good it felt getting to your destination without your hind parts on fire? EXACTLY. Keep that in the forefront of your mind.

Cam Newton was asked a question about football from a female reporter to which he responded that it sounded funny hearing this from a woman. He became the butt of every joke and was naturally accused of being sexist. Not answering the question or responding at all would have been better than what he did. After all, he would still make headlines for wearing something stupid as he usually does but at least it wouldn’t be for demeaning women.

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Glitzers, now that you have the course syllabus for the A Comprehensive Guide to Shuttin’ TF Up Part I, stay tuned for part II, coming soon.

Until then, for more commentary, tips and tools on shutting tf up, follow me on Twitter @VonniMediaMogul

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