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Texas Poised To Pass Transgender Bathroom Law

By Nick Poling / Published on Thursday, 12 Jan 2017 23:40 PM / No Comments

Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick is working on an effort to pass a transgender bathroom bill that would prevent a person from using the bathroom of their choosing. In an interview with Texas Tribune Senator Dawn Buckingham said that she thought that the bill would focus more on schools rather than businesses. However, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has said recently that it would go beyond just schools. It seems he also wishes to combat some cumbersome anti-discrimination laws that had recently passed in various municipalities in Texas.

Last year when North Carolina passed a similar bill and they suffered monetary repercussions when the NBA decided to move its All Star Game to another state. There are concerns that similar occurrences could happen in Texas if such a bill is passed. There has yet to be any official threats of such nature, but Dallas civic leaders warned of the possibility as if it would be a definitive response from potential visitors and events.

People go to the bathroom to do their business regularly and it is highly irregular that issues occur during such occasions. When incidents do occur in public restrooms it is usually already illegal and a new bill won’t prevent those things from happening. Furthermore, passing laws that affect how one can run its own business does not seem like a conservative value. (In any form of the word business) It does make some sense to create a bill for public schools on how to deal with these issues, as children tend to be immature, in order to protect all children involved. Children will, and do, push the boundaries of rules already, and would potentially take advantage of this as well. Also a transgender child being found out by using a public locker room or toilet could result in bullying, which is the last thing a transitioning child needs. However, when it comes to businesses and public spaces it seems a bit drastic as unless one is being voyeuristic how could anyone tell. Alternatively, would there be a penalty for a mother who takes her toddler son to the restroom to assist him? How about that single stall restroom that isn’t designated for your gender, but doesn’t have a wait?

The bathroom debate seems to be mostly a debacle over who does there business where even though no one really cares. Using a public restroom is still occurring in public and has never been the ideal way to go. However, if someone is that concerned about it they can wait until they can use their own personal throne at home. People sacrifice many things for convenience, using a public restroom is no different. There is no need to worry if the person hearing you go is the same gender as they can still hear you go!



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