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Surprise! DC Model Luther Williams aka Luwavyy’s also a Rapper

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Tuesday, 10 Jul 2018 11:25 AM / No Comments
Photo Credit: Luwavyy/Instagram

Luther Williams has come a long way since we last covered him. He’s a model from the DC area and about 18 months ago when we wrote our Eye Candy piece on him he had been modeling underwear for Adonis Underwear. Since then he’s started rapping under the name Luwavyy and he’s actually very good. He mentioned having a goal of performing on stage in front of 30,000 people. I can definitely see that happening in his future.

I’ve noticed a few image shifts he’s gone through. He cut his hair and a lot of the more, dare I say the more questionable/gayer looking underwear pics he removed from his Instagram. Not that we saw anything wrong with them. All of his looked good but that was probably a good idea. He also did a photoshoot for CNG Photography in DC with his foot on a bloodied and decapitated Trump mannequin head that resulted in him turning the comments off on his account. That’s definitely an attention grabber. In a recent interview he did for Elegance Television, the host said that 7 minutes into making a post a picture he shared received 322 likes and 25 comments. We’re sure his pics warrant them on their own but the Trump post probably helped with popularity. (I remember lol). He since removed the pic.


September 30th is his birthday and that month he’ll be releasing music videos and singles. Ironicaly he just started making music May 2017. He hasn’t started performing his music yet but he’s working on getting his foot in the door with local promoters. We’ ve included the Elegance TV interview he did which was pretty funny. It was good to see him show his personality. There was a random moment where the host asked when he last ate a**. I don’t remember the answer but his friend, fellow artist Trace Hallen said last night. Also, on another random note, as I recall the time Luwavyy was going through his brand transition, he mentioned doing videos with who I believe was his girlfriend at the time. He did a few, deleted them and haven’t seen anymore. I’m assuming that means he’s back on the market so shoot your shot, folks.

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Glitzers, check out Luther Williams aka Luwavyy and his music below and make sure you follow him on social media:
Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Snapchat: Lingowright

Photo Credit: Luwavyy/Instagram

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