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Soulja Boy’s On the Internet Showing Off His Eggplant Again

By PopGlitz Staff / Published on Tuesday, 06 Feb 2018 20:56 PM / No Comments

Every so often Soulja Boy gets online and decides to quench the thirst of the few people in the world left willing to hook up with someone who takes pics in AirBnb’s pretending this his and stacks of cut out photocopied cash. This time he was recently on Snapchat posting another pic of his hard d*ck… in his underwear of course. That is if we can believe it’s even his.

If you’d remember, the first time he did this it looked like he took a pic with an air freshener in his pants. This one looked a lot more modest, believable and well… not so bad if you’re into skinny has beens which makes complete sense considering Soulja Boy has been appearing in a number of Rappers Who Aren’t Aware They Aren’t Famous Anymore lists online. What else does he have to do other than probably use the one thing that got him a record deal in the first place?


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