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Snoop Dogg’s Boycott of Roots & More w/JaVonni & Sonnie Johnson for Breitbart Podcasts Ep 12

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Thursday, 09 Jun 2016 11:19 AM / No Comments

PopGlitz Founder Javonni Brustow joined conservative speaker Sonnie Johnson for her Did She Say That show on Breitbart Podcasts for his weekly of political and cultural news. Out of the topics discussed were a proposed boycott of the new Roots movie remake by rapper Snoop Dogg, Michigan high school students telling their black classmates that they wanted to re-enact slavery and more.

For the rest of the show which is guaranteed to leave you asking “Did She Say That,” subscribe to Sonnie Johnson’s Did She Say That show on Breitbart Podcasts here.

Glitzers, listen to our Founder JaVonni Brustow on Sonnie Johnson’s podcast, Did She Say That below:

Listen to the remainder of episode 12 of Sonnie Johnson’s Did She Say That Breitbart News podcast here

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JaVonni Brustow
Principal and Founder at VM3 Media
Urban Conservative, Principal at VM3 Media, Co-Editor-in-Chief of and, Javonni Brustow is a Communications and Media Consultant in Washington, DC with a decade of experience as a seasoned concert producer, marketing expert and brand management expert with multiple news publications. He can be heard LIVE Sundays at 3pm on Popglitz Radio and is a regular on the 'Did She Say That' Breitbart Radio Show with Sonnie Johnson. Inquiries: [email protected]