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Shanghai Catwalks Are For The Dogs

By Nick Poling / Published on Friday, 31 Mar 2017 09:21 AM / No Comments

An emerging trend among millennial residents of Shanghai is dog fashion. Young residents of Shanghai are spending about $17 billion a year in the dog fashion industry. Dogs can be seen in the Shanghai streets sporting trendy attire including shirts, jackets, and paw wear.

It seems the millennial crowd here in China is starting to more fully embrace capitalism over communism. This could be big for the culture of China overall as young people in large numbers embrace such things. China’s economy has been improving since they started to implement more capitalistic ideals into their economic policy.

Dog fashion trends may seem silly or frivolous, but these adorable canines may be sign of a major culture change occurring in China. As fashion increases consumer spending it could mean big things for the economy and may open up the door for other businesses to flourish in what used to be a tightly controlled communist market place.

From the Daily Mail UK:

“At least 40 percent of pet merchants in China sell pet clothing.  

The industry is expected to grow by 20 percent annually, according to a Yourpet Market Research Institute which has been studying the country’s huge pet industry. 

Zhang Jiequn, a psycologist at Shanghai’s Huada Institute of Applied Psychology told AFP that pet ownership is ‘a kind of escape from interpersonal relationships.

‘The pet becomes a projection of the opposite sex for some people who do not find a partner.’ “

It does also seem that the people invested in this market may be becoming something similar to what Americans call a “cat lady.” However, it may also be a useful tactic for meeting people and getting a date. It would surely be a tactic of those looking for a date in America, but only time will tell how this really affects things culturally in China.


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