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Seattle Rapper Says Secret Service Paid Him a Visit for Hanging Trump Dummy with a Noose

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Sunday, 04 Feb 2018 11:57 AM / No Comments

Seattle rapper Chino’o Capo Gaddafi, whose real name is Guled Diriye of the group Malitia MaliMob has stated that the Secret Service has searched his home in Kent, Washington over alleged threats he made against President Trump. The threat involved him tweeting a picture of a a Trump dummy he created hanging from a lamp post by a noose. The tweet, sent early morning on New Years Eve resulted in the visit to which he told the Seattle Times “I didn’t threaten the president, I didn’t say I was going to kill the president,” on February 1st.

First his mother refused to open the door but was convinced to do so by his sister who said they had nothing to hide. His mother was left frightened after the visit when the special agents left a handwritten note with their contact information on it. See, the irony here is that Diriye, his mother and siblings are Muslim and of Somali origin and this stunt left his mother wondering if they’re going to retaliate on her business according to Diriye.

“My mom is terrified,” says Diriye, 30. “She’s thinking ‘Oh my God, they’re going to close my business.’”

And for someone who loves America so much, one lashing out at the President would be the last thing you would think he would do considering he escaped a war torn country as a child.

“America is my home,” Diriye says. “I left Somalia, fleeing with my mother stepping over dead bodies, laying next to dead bodies. A lot of traumatizing [expletive], bro. … I appreciate being here. I love being an American. I’m proud of being an American. I would never even burn a flag like some people do, because I know what America is all about.”

After the big Secret Service scare, this Somali immigrant with 4 children who clearly has something to lose has decided to STILL release his music video, albeit an edited one. This is understandable. The guy has music that needs promotion. The issue comes when you decide to risk the safety and wellbeing of your family, has your mother fearful of the future of her business and keep in mind the Secret Service searched his mother’s home. He has 4 children. That implies he lives with his mother… at 30. Jesus Christ. Really?

Despite taking pictures with a dummy representing the President being hung by a noose, he still insists he isn’t a terrorist and is infuriated that he would be categorized as such.

“We hate terrorism. I can’t even go back to where I was born because every day there’s bombings,” he says. “Bro, we are anti-terrorist to the max. … For them to try to put me in that category, it’s heart-breaking, bro. It’s the worst thing in the world to me. I’m here because of these bastards. … How could you put me in the same category as these scum bags?”

Keep in mind that the Secret Service has not responded to this story yet so there very well is a possibility he made it all up. We certainly hope not because none of this is a laughing matter.



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