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Safaree Says Nicki Minaj Told Him She Would’ve Left Him if Not for His Sex Game

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Saturday, 03 Mar 2018 22:52 PM / No Comments

Nicki Minaj spent 12 years with Safaree and even after she blew up she never tried to go out with a more famous guy. There were never any signs of her cheating. Then when we got to meet Safari on television, many realized how corny, albeit fine he is. Then he started to get annoying. We asked how could she stay with someone like that. It was even reported that when they broke up she smashed his Mercedes with a bat. And just what would cause a person to do that? Good d*ck.

This is why when Safaree told TMZ Live that Nicki Minaj would jokingly tell him if it wasn’t for that D of his they would have broken up a long time ago. You don’t have to tell us Safaree. We believe you. After this video leak which he says he did not do intentionally and didn’t want his family to see it, etc. Well Safaree, at the end of the day, the benefits are going to outweigh the negatives so gird your loins and get ready for all the punany being thrown in your direction from men, women and children.


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