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Rihanna Says She Loves that Her Abuser Chris Brown is Still Obsessed with Her + Her Home Gets Swarmed By Police

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Tuesday, 14 Aug 2018 13:47 PM / No Comments
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Rihanna is looking good these days, as if it were possible for her to look any other way. She’s loss a lot of weight and showed it off recently on Instagram getting the attention of her ex Chris Brown. They share a lot of mutual friend who are always letting her know about how he’s constantly fawning over her. Now some people simply don’t belong together and that’s the case with these two. It’s been almost ten years since Chris beat her within an inch of her life sending her to the hospital all bloody and swollen. They were the quintessential young R&B couple. They were cute together but that busted lip she had, was not.

The chances of Rihanna and Chris ever getting back together is slim to none but it doesn’t mean they don’t think about each other. “He was Rihanna’s first real love, and she learned a lot from him,” our source tells HOllywoodlife. “While she may never get back with Chris, just knowing that he still wants her after all these years makes her feel sexy and desired.” And those bikini pics she took? Chris thinks Rihanna looks good all the time but when he saw these latest pics his jaw dropped,” the source said. “She has the perfect hourglass shape right now and it’s all natural. That’s a huge turn on for Chris. He loves that Rihanna is all woman and all natural.”


Resist temptation, Rih Rih. One thing I will say is that while he is immensely talented, we all know Chris Brown is about as crazy as the day is long and you know what they say about crazy guys… they have the best D. lol And while she’s blushing over Chris Brown’s obsession with her, police were just surrounding her house, helicopters and all. What was that all about you say? Well she’s talking about Chris Brown being obsessed and he DID sit in his ex Karrueche Tran’s backseat when she asked him to get away from her leading to a restraining order so the first thing that comes to mind… Chris Brown and Rihanna are about to be on the next episode of First 48.

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We’re happy to report it was not Chris Brown letting his obsession get the best of him although you’ve got to admit that sound 100% a possibility. It turned out her Hollywood Hills home had a faulty alarm system. The alarm was accidentally triggered and Rihanna wasn’t home at the time. As for why all the police and helicopters showing it, it’s because of a history of intruders at her home. Back in May a man broke in and spent the night. When the polcie asked what he was doing he said he was there to have sex with her. Hey, at least he was honest. He ended up getting charged with felong stalking and burglary. Stay safe, Rihanna. You’ve got men breaking in your house to sleep with you and then there’s Chris Brown. He’s already had it so imagine how he’s acting.


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