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RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey Revealed to have Her Own Rent-a-Boyfriend

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Sunday, 03 Sep 2017 18:41 PM / No Comments

Like Terrance Howard said, “it’s hard out here for a pimp,” especially when you’re trying to keep those reality tv checks coming in. For a few years now, Cynthia Bailey’s been the first that comes to mind when thinking of who should be on the Real Housewives of Atlanta chopping block which is a shame considering she’s the most stylish, least slutty, super attractive and has actually had a job before. She just got caught up with a man that’s more of a drama queen than she is… but that’s another story.

Fast forward to filming for season 10 and Cynthia has a new man, motivational speaker Will Jones. They seem to be a cute couple and so far makes her one of the only cast members with a man… also, another story. But the relationship comes with a strong objection by blogger Michelle Brown of who not only addressed the situation on Youtube, it was the first subject she covered in her very first video on her Youtube channel so clearly this is juicy shade she wanted to make sure got out to the masses. In the video she says that the two met on camera which is almost always pre-planned by design. He was found by one of her Bailey boys, (the gays that follow her around as Michelle put it) that were apparently tasked with finding someone she’d find attractive. She also says he was likely contracted to be on the show…. putting her on par with Kenya Moore and her “alleged” rented boyfriends. He’s supposedly still married and Cynthia still lives with Peter. In the words of Kandi Burruss, “the LIES, the LIES!”

Even if Cynthia is paying someone to be on the show, we know a lot of reality television is fake, but if you’re going to do it, at least be interesting. That’s Cynthia’s problem. I say all of the time that Kenya likely has a storyboard in her bedroom of drama she is going to start each day of filming and contracts people to be in a relationship with her because she doesn’t want to be in Atlanta. That’s why she found a man in New York. No one ever sees her in Atlanta or anywhere near that house… but at the end of the day she’s one of the most interesting people on the show so it makes up for it. Cynthia, we could be wrong about this relationship but don’t disappoint us this season. Some of us are rooting for you still.

Glitzers, watch Michelle Brown’s video exposing Cynthia Bailey’s relationship below:


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