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Real Housewives Star Heather Dubrow’s 550 Sq Ft Closet is Practically a Chanel Shrine

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Saturday, 24 Mar 2018 04:50 AM / No Comments

Heather Dubrow’s a gorgeous woman and married to one of the richest doctors in the world, Terry Dubrow, so it would be expected that she would be living in the lap of luxury at home. What we did NOT expect is the fact that she has a closet the size of the average Manhattan studio apartment. At a whopping 550 square feet, it isn’t just size that matters here (pun intended) but between the 20+ pairs of designer shoes, floor to ceiling selfie mirror and the get this, champagne door bell, she’s truly living a life the rest of us would envy.

Now about that champagne door bell, she has a doorbell in her closet that when she presses it, it goes to the kitchen letting it be known that she wants the sparkling beverage. It was inspired by Instagram pictures she saw of fake buttons that said “Press for Champagne,” but she wanted hers to be actually functional. The silk carpet lounge like space also features over 50 Chanel bags, a shelf of nothing more than Chanel espadrilles… it’s like a Chanel shrine!

Even with all of her opulent belongings, those that mean the most to her are quite sentimental and not exactly the most expensive. She showed off her first Chanel, a belt bag she purchased at $1,750 following getting her first acting gig at 16. Among her Hermes scarf collection is one passed down from her grandmother that she cherishes. She also described a handmade brooch by her young daughter her “most prized possession.”

Heather’s also a brilliant woman. Even with her and her husband’s fortune, it’s hard to get one’s husband to spring for a closet the size of hers. What she’s done is found a way to make it work for her. She has a YouTube show called Heather’s Closet so it’s practically paying for itself.

Glitzers, take a look inside of Heather Dubrow’s ultra fashionable closet below:


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