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Real Housewives Star Carlton Gebbia Scoffs at Lawsuit Claiming She Attacked Her Housekeeper

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Thursday, 28 Dec 2017 14:03 PM / No Comments

We all know the saying, good help is hard to find and no one knows this better than Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Carlton Gebbia. That’s why she kept her housekeeper around for six years. The housekeeper is taking Carlton to civil court claiming physical and emotional abuse while employed by the Gebbias.


Her duties included taking care of the kids, cleaning, cooking, chauffeuring, grocery shopping and served as Carlton’s personal assistant. She apparently was a notorious drunk with regular violent outbreaks but what kept her around as many felt was the alleged lesbian relationship the two were in. She was brought to New York City to be a plus one on set of Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live late night show and sent the kids to stay with their grandmother while the nanny attended her lesbian Eyes Wide Shut party.

If true, this is Carlton’s second breakup within months as her year long separation from her husband David has ended in him filing for divorce in November after 20 years of marriage. In the case of the housekeeper, not to be crass but we’re not sure who had the better tongue game, Carlton or the nanny. Why would I say such a thing? Why else would you stay in an abusive work relationship with your employer unless you were getting something significant out of it? The straw that broke the lezbun’s back was when the housekeeper called Carlton’s husband to say she was attacking the television with a bat.

We all have our breaking point and that probably did it for her. Carlton’s passed out in restaurants and clubs in the past from taking shots and God knows what else.. but that’s normal behavior for many. Playing Sammy Sosa in the house is just a little overboard. The housekeeper also claims she threw herself from a second floor balcony before. I don’t even think Jesus can fix this. She needs an exorcism.

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We’re just hoping Carlton gets her life together and we’re hoping the housekeeper gets some type of decent severance pay just for dealing with Carlton even if she doesn’t win the lawsuit.


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