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Rapper Behind the Song ‘Sellsz Drugs’ Gets 3 Year Sentence for Drug Trafficking

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Thursday, 11 Jan 2018 15:45 PM / No Comments

A rapper by the name of Montana Millz from Rhode Island who sang songs like Sellsz Drugs and Feds Watching became a self proclaimed prophecy when the feds came knocking and gave him a 3 year sentence. First… hahahaha haha HA. Secondly, he’s a rapper rapping about selling drugs and didn’t think anyone would look at him. We went though this in 2005 with Lil Kim when they analyzed her lyrics trying to tie her to crimes and it’s happened several times over since. He’s 30 so he should know better.


Montana Millz, whose real name is Michael Persaud didn’t even fight the sentencing since prosecutors wanted to give him 6 years. Apparently an East Providence undercover detective bought nearly three quarters of an ounce of heroine from Persaud over a 4 month period. But he didn’t go down alone. He revealed that his girlfriend, who he lived with along with his 3 children, helped him make a few deliveries. They found 44 grams of fentanyl hidden in their home.

He also had a hotel room with a woman that was raided where two ounces of heroine was in there, valued at near $12,000. It isn’t clear that the woman was his girlfriend so not only is he in trouble with the feds but he’s revealed as a cheater. Jesus is not fixing this.

Object lesson here folks, if you’re breaking the law, learn to do so quietly. K? And in the words of Mr. Mackey, “Drugs are bad, mmkay?”

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