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Rapper Akon Tells Trump to Think About His Travel Schedule

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Tuesday, 31 Jan 2017 21:28 PM / No Comments

Last weekend President Donald Trump signed an executive order restricting travel temporarily to 7 countries deemed terrorist nations by Obama when he was President. The order also includes a suspension of Syrian refugees. This was met by global protest and of all the reasons to object to this some with and without merit, rapper Akon has sent a passionate message to the President via video stating that the executive action lacked ‘humanity.’ He spoke on behalf of himself, Drake and Justin Bieber saying that people lump all Americans and Canadians together, stating that people will make them all targets when performing overseas because they are Americans.

‘I think he didn’t think this all the way through y’know?’

‘You have to think of all the Americans who travel outside of America, such as myself 25 different countries a month… and with an American passport, proudly.’

Akon is absolutely right. We are 100% certain that Donald Trump didn’t think about a spoiled celebrity worth near $100 million because it might hurt their pockets. Get a life. As ridiculous as this left field tangent is, we just love to see celebrities wake up and suddenly decide they have a political point to make, and fall completely on their face. Now in Akon’s defense, this isn’t the first time Akon has spoken up about Trump. Last fall he said many of the statements Trump makes have been made by Hitler. Hmm, possibly, but they were also made by both Bill and Hillary Clinton as Bill has been on tape several times saying to make America great again and Hillary supported building a wall at the southern border in 2006, not a barrier but she said the actual word, wall… you know, the thing she said would be a waste of money because Trump suddenly campaigned on the idea because she was too inept to get it done or campaign on it the last two times she ran for president.

Glitzers, watch rapper Akon’s emotional plea to Donald Trump to reconsider his travel adjustment executive order below:


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