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#PrettyFaceChallenge: DC Eye Candy Model Zachary Jones

By PopGlitz Staff / Published on Sunday, 13 May 2018 21:37 PM / No Comments

Zachary Jones is a published model in the DC area that’s known for his smile as much as he is his abs. He’s attended Morgan State, making him more than a pretty face and apparently also does sign language interpretation. The looks and smarts seem to run in the family as he’s the brother of Mister Bowie State University 2017-2018. We happened to have caught a clip of him singing and what we want to know is why we don’t hear more of that/ He’s pretty good. That he probably got from his brother Kyle since he appears to be the singer in the family.

Now Zack is someone we’ve followed on social media for some times and always said we’d eventually cover but never had the chance to. It wasn’t until a recent post-workout pic of his where we said someone has officially reached snack territory. We literally started prepping for this piece that very moment. Zach’s always been cute but the working out now seems to really be well, working out. And for those wondering, he’s taken. He seems to have just celebrated a year in his relationship so no #Thotertaining here, boys lol.

Glitzers, check out our latest Eye Candy pick and second #PrettyFaceChallenge awardee below and make sure you follow him on social media:

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