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President Trump Claims Obama Had Him Wiretapped During Election Year

By Nick Poling / Published on Monday, 06 Mar 2017 22:13 PM / No Comments

Recently the twitter sphere was agasp over reports of a FISA filing to tap into a server and phone lines in Trump Tower during the recent election. Shortly after this President Donald Trump tweeted in shock as the news reached him.

Shortly, there after main stream media in regular deflection and misinformation mode asserted false claims that Trump was not only the originator of this claim, but also had no evidence to back it up. However, in Novermber of last year Louise Mensch of HeatStreet wrote an article about the very subject.

From HeatStreet:

Contrary to earlier reporting in the New York Times, which cited FBI sources as saying that the agency did not believe that the private server in Donald Trump’s Trump Tower which was connected to a Russian bank had any nefarious purpose, the FBI’s counter-intelligence arm, sources say, re-drew an earlier FISA court request around possible financial and banking offenses related to the server. The first request, which, sources say, named Trump, was denied back in June, but the second was drawn more narrowly and was granted in October after evidence was presented of a server, possibly related to the Trump campaign, and its alleged links to two banks; SVB Bank and Russia’s Alfa Bank. While the Times story speaks of metadata, sources suggest that a FISA warrant was granted to look at the full content of emails and other related documents that may concern US persons.

In June, when the first FISA warrant was denied, the FBI was reportedly alarmed at Carter Page’s trip to Moscow and meetings with Russian officials, one week before the DNC was hacked. Counter intelligence agencies later reported to both Presidential candidates that Russia had carried out this hack; Donald Trump said publicly in the third debate that ‘our country has no idea’ if Russia did the hacking. The discovery of the Trump Tower private Russian server, however, communicating with Alfa Bank, changed matters, sources report.

As previously written about on PopGlitz the “Russian Hacking” of the DNC Servers (no not the election!) was investigated by a third party cyber security firm who has a founding member that participates in an anti-russian think tank. The FBI and other intelligence agencies never investigated the DNC server firsthand to know for themselves whether the assertions was true. Meanwhile, Wikileaks, had strongly implied, if not outright said, that these leaks were from an inside source.

If these sources are to be believed Trump was indeed being spied on by the government during the campaign due to the FISA filings. Whether Former President Obama was directly involved is unclear at this time. Due to the little information that intelligence agencies had due the lack of cooperation from the DNC it may have been also warranted.

If anything incriminating had been found from said surveillance it likely would have been released prior to inauguration. Furthermore, if Trump does find any hard evidence, which may take sometime as there isn’t a POTUS super computer to search all things government, who knows what he would do with it. Trump does not operate within the status quo seen from past Presidents and may be asking for an investigation as that could increase the credibility of the information if and when it came out.  If Trump did release the information himself it is likely that the media would do its usual spin job or ignore it.


Sources: HeatStreet Conservative Review New York Times

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