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Power Rangers Film Review: Needed Less Talk and More Action

By Nick Poling / Published on Monday, 27 Mar 2017 12:55 PM / No Comments

The new Power Rangers reboot came out this past Thursday evening. Having 2 young sons and watching the original show as a kid myself I was excited to go see this film. Especially as my sons have been watching reruns on Netflix and we have several of the toys.


Going in to the film I was expecting a more Hollywood blockbuster version of the original story, similar to the recent Max Steel movie. In this regard the movie definitely delivered. The cinematography of the film was excellent and gave the movie a more realistic feel compared to the more fantasy style of the show.

The story did come across as better developed for the characters and the drama surrounding their lives. It was interesting enough to keep my 4 and 8 year old boys engaged as well. Some of the dialogue did seem to be of a more mature nature that isn’t ideal for younger children, but it wasn’t overwhelming to a point of concern.

However, I did feel that the movie lacked some decent action for an action hero movie. It almost seems as if the action parts of this movie were more of an after thought rather than a focal point as it is with the shows.

The movie did do well as an origin story build up that could lead to a future sequel with potentially more action that fans have come to expect from the Power Rangers universe. Rumors are already a float about a sequel that may feature a green ranger.

Overall, I’d say the movie is definitely worth a watch, but definitely won’t be the best movie you’ll see this year. However, it was absolutely a good film which my kids thoroughly enjoyed!

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Review Rating: 3.5/5

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