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#PopFlash: Ben Affleck Spotted Going to the Gym in First Public Sighting Since Checking in Rehab

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Wednesday, 05 Sep 2018 16:16 PM / No Comments
Photo Credit: X17Online

Ben Affleck went into rehab for what should be his third time last month. He comes from a family of drunkards and has largely struggled to keep himself from being one his entire adult life. Given the fact that his alcoholic tendencies lead to the demise of his 10 year marriage to Jennifer Garner, it was shocking for fans to see him out in the open after just checking himself in. After all this is his second rehab trip in a year so why would he be checking out already? No need to worry, he was just out exercising.

One of the more important parts to recovering from alcohol abuse is physical fitness because as we know, drunks usually don’t take very good care of their health. And if you’ve seen Ben lately, he could stand to lose a little around the middle. A source said his rehab center allowed him out to “work out at his gym for a few hours a day.” “He was playing basketball,” the source added, noting that Affleck, 46, is “always accompanied by his coach and therapist.”


Ben might not be in that much of a rush to get better because his estranged wife Jen is waiting for him to get 100% better so they can finalize those divorce papers. The only reason he went to rehab last year was to avoid breaking up for good. It turned out to only lead to her actually filing. At this point he’s either struggling with sobriety or holding on to the bottle to buy time. Get it together, Ben.

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Glitzers, check out Ben Affleck out exercising on break from rehab below:

Photo Credit: X17online

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