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By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Monday, 28 Mar 2016 14:02 PM / Comments Off on Politics


Bill O Reilly Ouster From Fox News Show Scary Backroom Acts

This week Bill O Reilly was fired from Fox News. This is just the latest drama from the network after the firing of Roger Ailes.  Many of the ladies of Fox News from Jedediah Bila to Gretchen Carlson and many others were saying how they were treated unfairly while dealing...Read More »

Trump Bombs the Hell Out of ISIS in Afghanistan Using MOAB, the Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb

Holding true to his word when he said that he was going to bomb the hell out of ISIS, the Trump administration launched airstrikes against ISIS in the country of Afghanistan.

At around 7:00 pm local time in Afghanistan last night, the United States military used a GBU-43 weapon in...Read More »

Gay Men are being Rounded Up and Killed in Chechnya

Russian Republic of Chechnya has launched an alleged anti-gay campaign that has led to authorities rounding up dozens of men suspected of being homosexual, according to the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta and human rights activists.

More than 100 gay men have been detained and at least three are reported...Read More »

Is Healthcare a Right? We Break Down the Argument Here

As Congress is set to vote on President Trump’s healthcare bill today, we thought that this would be a great time to remind the public that healthcare is not a right. Using a compilation of social media posts by JaVonni Brustow, we have it all explained here. Let us know...Read More »

Bow Wow Threatens to Pimp Melania Trump while Defending Snoop Dogg

Recently Snoop Dogg released a music video (see below), Lavender, where a clown that resembled President Trump had a toy gun shot at his face that popped out a flag that read “bang”. This of course caused quite a stir among news outlets and social media platforms. Resulting in Trump responding to the...Read More »

Kellyanne Conway Claims Microwaves Are Spying on Your Popcorn

Kellyanne Conway in a recent interview stated “… and microwaves that turn into cameras etcetera.” when asked about Trump Tower being wire tapped. Which followed with outrageously hilarious memes about microwaves being used as spying devices, almost as funny as Russian conspiracy memes. However, her comment does seem to take...Read More »

History of Mental and Spiritual Abuse at Deliverance Bible Church

Yesterday PopGlitz published a press release from former members of Deliverance Bible Church. This article will elaborate on that situation. Please keep in mind that much of this information is kept generic due to the fact that many of the victims are still very much in turmoil over their...Read More »

100 and More Reasons to Avoid a Cult and 1 Church That Might Be a Cult

There is really only 1 necessary reason to not join a cult, because it is a cult! However, it may be difficult to tell if a group, organization, or even a church is a cult. Yes, even some churches can be a cult if not cult-like. One instance up for...Read More »

Tim Kaine's Snowflake Son Arrested Trying to Disrupt Trump Rally.

The son of Virginia Senator and former Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee Tim Kaine was arrested on Saturday for attempting to disrupt a pro-Trump rally in Minnesota. Linwood Kaine, 24, was taken into custody over suspicions that he and others were trying to incite a riot against supporters of Donald Trump...Read More »

The Obamas Sign Multi-Million Dollar Book Deal

Former President Barack Obama and First lady Michelle Obama has signed with Penguin Random House, the publisher announced Tuesday. It was reported that there was a fierce auction among multiple publishers, but the Obamas settled with the conglomerate who published their previous books.

The terms of the agreement were not disclosed,...Read More »

President Trump Claims Obama Had Him Wiretapped During Election Year

Recently the twitter sphere was agasp over reports of a FISA filing to tap into a server and phone lines in Trump Tower during the recent election. Shortly after this President Donald Trump tweeted in shock as the news reached him.

The President Speaks Directly to the American People in Address to Joint Session of Congress.

Last night, President Donald Trump made a direct appeal to the American people during his first speech to a joint session of the United States Congress. After the one-hour speech, many of his toughest critics gave the speech high marks because of the conciliatory tone and that he made...Read More »

The Leftist Media Agrees Kellyanne Conway Couch Outrage is Idiotic

During President Trump’s meeting with Historically Black Colleges and Universities leaders Kellyanne Conway was caught kneeling on a couch in the oval office! Stop the presses this disrespect cannot go unpunished, or some seemed to think. However, there does seem to be some bipartisan agreement on this issue. It’s dumb.

The Washington Post...Read More »

CNN's Jeffery Toobin Responds to Accusation of Fake News with Fake News

Recently President Trump caused media whiplash during a recent press conference where he attempted to explain the difference between critical news and fake news. During this press conference President Trump labeled New York Times, CNN, CBS, NBC, and ABC all as fake news organizations due to their misleading headlines and extremely biased narratives.

This was...Read More »

Chris Cuomo Says Little Girls Offended by Penises in Bathrooms Should Learn Tolerance

Today is the day that liberals will learn a lesson in what I like to call hypocrisy. CNN New Day host Chris Cuomo chose to go on a Twitter rant in defense of the this new national co-ed bathroom policy Democrats have been pushing lately. It isn’t exactly a co-ed...Read More »

Milo Quits Breitbart Amidst Pedophilia Claims; but What's Next?

British journalist and gay conservative Milo Yiannopoulos quit Breitbart News today, as a lead editor of theirs amidst claims of pedophile friendly audio tapes of him being recently revealed. The tapes came out just days before his keynote speech at the largest Republican event of the year, CPAC, was set...Read More »

CPAC Disinvites Milo.

Breitbart News senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos has been disinvited from speaking at CPAC over comments that he made concerning relationships between men and boys.

Due to the revelation of an offensive video in the past 24 hours condoning pedophilia, the American Conservative Union has decided to rescind the invitation of...Read More »

Lt. General McMaster to Replace Flynn as Trump National Security Adviser

President Trump has announced a replaced for recently resigned National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Many rumors had been going around about who President Trump would pick as the replacement, but ultimately it came to be H. R. McMaster.

Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster is spoken highly of as a brilliant tactician and strategist....Read More »

Pro Trump Singer Joy Villa Says Recent Success is Beyond Her Wildest Dreams

Joy Villa is the relatively obscure singer who became an overnight sensation from wearing a custom gown emblazoned with Donald Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again.” During a time when singers like Chrisette Michelle were being blackballed by the industry for choosing to perform at the inauguration, her luck has...Read More »

A Friendship Rekindled: Netanyahu Visit Restores the Bond Between US and Israel

After a tumultuous relationship with the prior administration of Barack Obama, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was given a very warm reception when he visited with new US President Donald Trump on yesterday at the White House.

Today, I have the honor of welcoming my friend, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,...Read More »

Michael Savage Reveals Shocking Truth About Russian Blame Game

Today Michael Savage revealed some shocking details about the Russian interference with the recent presidential election. It has mostly gone unnoticed, but the FBI never investigated the DNC servers to see who hacked the servers first hand. All this “intelligence officials say they have strong evidence that Russia” is completely bogus!

The...Read More »

Michael Flynn Got Putin His Place For Private Meeting and Resigns

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was asked by President Donald Trump to resign from his position. It recently came out that the retired Army Lieutenant General Flynn had a private conversation with a Russian ambassador and talked about sanctions prior to his President Trump’s inauguration. After which Flynn proceeded to lie to Vice President...Read More »

Letting Business Do Business: Trump Eases Regulations

The Washington Post is reporting that the Trump administration is loosening regulations that have been hindering business. Certain burdensome regulations tie the hands of business and prevent them from earning significant profits. During the 2016 campaign, the president promised to make it easier for businesses to thrive in the...Read More »

9th Circuit Court Upholds Unconstitutional Hold on Travel Ban

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the previous ruling from the preceding federal court which placed a hold on President Trump’s Travel Ban Executive Order. Presidents have the explicit authority and are constitutionally authorized to restrict immigration and refugee policies as they see fit. The court has no real legal...Read More »

Prophet Samuel Warned Against An Unlimited Government.

There is a memorable story in the sacred scripture that we can discover the biblical view concerning the power of government. It is not hard to determined in the Book of Samuel that the Bible supports the opinion that “the government that governs less governs best.” In matter of...Read More »

Who's DaBoss? Betsy DeVos confirmed as Secretary of Education

In a historic event, Vice President Pence, broke the tied Senate vote to confirm Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. This is the first time in history a Vice President has had to break a tie vote for confirmation of a presidential cabinet pick. Senators voted almost straight along party lines...Read More »

The Reason that the Gorsuch Nomination Should Be Confirmed With or Without the Nuclear Option.

Way before Trump announced his choice for the Supreme Court would be Neil Gorsuch on Tuesday, the Senate Democrats had already made up their mind to block him. Immediately after the announcement, several Democrats made such outlandish statements such as saying that he was “outside of mainstream political thought.”...Read More »

Milo Yiannopoulos Event at UC Berkeley Literally Lit... on Fire

Milo Yiannopoulos, professional provocateur and free speech advocate, had an event at UC Berkeley violently disrupted by black block anarchist protesters. Milo’s “Dangerous Faggot Tour” has been visiting universities across the country to disseminate some of the mainstream left’s lies about various issues in a humorous and...Read More »

Trump Nominates Neil Gorsuch to Replace Mysterious Loss of Justice Scalia

President Trump announced his nomination of  Judge Neil Gorsuch to replace the late Justice Scalia for the supreme court. Justice Scalia mysteriously died in 2016 at a private ranch in Texas. He was found with a pillow over his face and never received an autopsy to determine cause...Read More »

Rapper Akon Tells Trump to Think About His Travel Schedule

Last weekend President Donald Trump signed an executive order restricting travel temporarily to 7 countries deemed terrorist nations by Obama when he was President. The order also includes a suspension of Syrian refugees. This was met by global protest and of all the reasons to object to this some with...Read More »

President Trump's Executive Action on Refugees - Full Text has yet to update to show the latest Executive Actions signed by President Trump, but no worries read the full text below:


Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release

January 27, 2017


– – – – – – –


The Audacity of Fear: How Trumphobia helps Trump.

Since announcing his candidacy for the presidency, the Leftists have had an irrational fear of our current President Donald J. Trump. From protesters burning limos in DC to Madonna wanting to blow up the White House and even to mainstream journalists being disruptive during press conferences, all these overreactions...Read More »

President Trump Uses His Pen and Phone to Build The Wall

Today (January 25 2017) President Trump signed an executive order on border security and immigration reform. Yes, President Trump is going to build a wall and will get Mexico to pay for it. Of course at first the tax payers will pay for it, but President Trump...Read More »

Trump Will Not Release Tax Returns but Wikileaks Will

President Trump’s aide Kellyanne Conway said in a recent interview with George Stephanopolous of This Week ABC that Trump was not planning on releasing his taxes. The question was poised to Conway due to a petition signed by over two-hundred thousand people asking for the release of President Trump’s taxes, to which Conway replied:

Read More »

Fake News Proprietor CNN Called Out By Nancy Sinatra

Frank Sinatra’s daughter, Nancy Sinatra, recently called out partisan hack news organization CNN for misrepresenting her views in a recent article. Tweets referenced in the related articles and her retort to CNN asking why they had lied have since been deleted by Nancy Sinatra. The article in question has since been renamed to...Read More »

Obama's Last Day

During Former President Obama’s last days he has been very active. He has evicted Russian representatives and shut down their facilities, and followed that up by staging troops along the border of Russia in eastern Europe. Obama also released 10 prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay facility. Additionally, Obama has granted the transfer of...Read More »

10 More Terrorists Released From Gitmo by Obama

(Soon to be) Former President Obama has been unable to fulfill his promise of shutting down the Guantanamo Bay Prison, but that hasn’t stopped him from releasing the Islamic extremists that reside there. Oman has agreed to take 10 of these remaining prisoners, which are approximately a quarter of the...Read More »

Clinton Global Initiative Closing Down

The Clinton Foundation filed a WARN notice with the State of New York on January 12, 2017 in regards to the Clinton Global Initiative. The filing states that 22 employees would be laid off as of May 15, 2017. Fox News also reported this comes after the Clinton Global...Read More »

Celebrating Martin Luther King Day

Today, we honor one of the greatest civil rights leaders in our history, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King’s life story brings inspiration to people of all colors, races, and creeds.

However as we honor Dr. King on this day, let us also remember the many men and women...Read More »

JaVonni Brustow's Post-Election Analysis Covered by

The 2016 Presidential election was a big upset for the Democratic Party totaling over 1,000 legislative seats lost going back as far as when Obama took office. What was supposed to be the coronation of Hillary Clinton, an easy walk into the White house turned out to...Read More »

Milo Yiannopoulos Event at UC Davis Shut Down by Protestors

Milo Yiannopoulos scheduled speaking event at UC Davis was shut down due to protester disruption. Another speaker on the docket was Pharmaceutical bad boy Martin Shkreli. UC Davis stated on Twitter that the organizing group decided to shut down the even, but Milo said that is simply not the case.

US Military Staging In Poland

(Soon to be) Former President Barrack Obama has sent 3000 troops to Poland in order to reassure NATO that he is taking Russian aggression seriously. Tomasz Szatkowski, the under-secretary of Poland, said that Russia has recently been performing large military exercises nears its borders. This company is the largest deployment of troops in Europe...Read More »

Texas Poised To Pass Transgender Bathroom Law

Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick is working on an effort to pass a transgender bathroom bill that would prevent a person from using the bathroom of their choosing. In an interview with Texas Tribune Senator Dawn Buckingham said that she thought that the bill would focus more on schools rather than...Read More »

Obama's Parting Gift To Iran: 10 Nuclear Bombs

Barrack Obama’s “Iran Deal” has paved the way for a shipment of 113 metric tons of uranium from Russia pending UN approval. This shipment comes as part of a trade for 40 metric tons of heavy water reactor coolant with Russia. This transaction was approved by the US (Obama Administration) and 5 other...Read More »

Errors of Fundamentalism: Where the Christian Right Goes Wrong

Before I start, I would like to introduce my background. I was reared up in a very fervent Pentecostal church and for many years, I considered myself an ardent Christian fundamentalist in the mold of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. In my high school days, I was a bible-thumping...Read More »

Netanyahu Claims Obama Led Anti-Israel UN Effort

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a press conference stated that “Israel has unequivocal evidence that the Obama administration led the effort to pass the anti-Israel resolution in the UN Security Council.” He also stated that this was a “major break” on US policy in regards to Israel while quoting Madeleine Albright from...Read More »

These Anti-Trump Thugs Need to be Imprisoned for a Very Long Time!

It is unfortunate that political discourse in this country has descended to such a level that four young adults would kidnap someone, and record themselves live on social media as they torture their captive.

By now, many of us have heard of the outrageous and horrible actions of four of...Read More »

Donald Trump will be the Greatest Jobs President Ever

Donald J. Trump has not even been sworn in as president yet but he is already living up to his promise to being “the greatest jobs president that God has ever created.” Ever since his election to the presidency on November 8, several major corporations have announced new plans to...Read More »

Megyn Kelly is Leaving Fox News for NBC

The internet recently went into a frenzy as news was released earlier today announcing that Megyn Kelly will be leaving Fox News to become a member of NBC News.

The television star was recently ranked as the second most watched host for Fox News, trailing behind Bill O’Reilly.

According to the New...Read More »

VIDEO: DC Councilmember Trayon White Threatens Blogger JaVonni Brustow with Violence

Just days before being sworn into office, DC Councilmember-elect Trayon White has been issuing threats of violence for openly speaking against his recently chosen Chief of Staff Wanda Lockridge. The issue here is that a series of tweets from myself, JaVonni Brustow, unbeknownst to me...Read More »

Putin Goes High When Obama Goes Low

In a move reminiscent of Michelle Obama’s remarks from the 2016 Democratic convention when she said, “When they go low, we go high,” Russia’s President Vladimir Putin refused to respond in kind when our President Barack Obama does one of the pettiest moves of his presidency.

On Thursday, the outgoing...Read More »

Did California Just Legalize Child Prostitution?

California Governor Jerry Brown passed several bills on Monday, December 26th to combat child trafficking. Many sources have cited this event as legalizing child prostitution. However, the aim of the new laws is to treat the minor as a victim of child trafficking rather than a criminal. Though this is...Read More »

On the Way Out, Obama Administration Throws Israel Under the Bus

As Jews around the world are celebrating Chanukah this week, an eight-day festival to commemorate the freedom of the Jewish people, the Obama administration has used one of its last actions of his presidency to completely throw the world’s only Jewish state under the bus.

On Friday, the United Nations...Read More »

Tillerson is a Superb Choice for Secretary of State.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump announced that his choice for secretary of state will be Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson. This selection signifies a sharp difference in direction from administrations in the past and is proof that American foreign policy under a Trump administration will be focused around building solid...Read More »

Trump Won! Get Over It!

It is remarkable to me that the main ones that are now refusing to fully accept the results of the November 8 presidential election are the main ones that were yelling fowl when then-presidential candidate Donald Trump stated that he would leave it to suspense whether he will accept...Read More »

Why Donald Trump Picking Ben Carson as HUD Secretary is a Great Choice

This week, President-Elect Donald J. Trump, who has made his fortune in developing real estate in many urban areas across the world, announced his choice to head the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). He has chosen his former presidential rival and brain surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson, who...Read More »

JaVonni Brustow: I'm Black, Gay and Just Voted for Donald Trump

My name is JaVonni Brustow and I am a black gay Republican. It’s something that almost has to be said in the form of an Alcoholics Anonymous greeting because God knows my political leanings get treated like a sickness. This past Tuesday I chose to vote for Donald Trump as...Read More »

WATCH: President Obama Gives Hope, Addresses America After Trump Election

Though many of us are outraged over the results of this year’s election, it should honestly come as no surprise, as we KNEW from the shootings of many unarmed Black men and women, as well as other people of color, that America is completely divided.

While Donald Trump has won the...Read More »

Meet the Blacks in the Media Supporting Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for President, a man who has built a global business employing thousands at the Trump Organization, spanning the real estate, property management, hotel and entertainment arenas with hundreds of properties bearing his name. He’s become a cultural phenomenon since the 70s and has made...Read More »

Crystal Wright Teaches Democrats a Lesson on Pussy and Shows Us Hers

This Friday, Wikileaks released another bombshell about the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. Those $600,000 paid Wall Street speech transcripts that Bernie Sanders spent months hounding her to release finally arrived via Wikileaks. They showed where Hillary admitted to taking a public position on things and a private position,...Read More »

Amber Rose Weighs in on Donald Trump's Sex Tape Tweet

Coming up to the end of Monday’s Battle at Hofstra debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Hillary squeezed in a story of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado and how Donald Trump called her Miss Piggy, fat and allegedly Miss Housekeeping after gaining over 50lbs following winning the pageant. He...Read More »

President Obama Says He Supports Kaepernick's Natl Anthem Protest

San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who recently chose to sit out the national anthem during a preseason game has caused a whirlwind of criticism. One of the people who haven’t criticized him is President Obama who spoke out in his defense at the G20 Summit in China saying that...Read More »

Donald Trump Says No to Univision and Entitled Illegal Immigrants

It has been yet another firey week for Donald Trump in his highly publicized campaign for the Republican nomination for President as he took on Univision network anchor Jorge Ramos in an explosive confrontation. During a news conference this Tuesday the Trump told Jorge to “go...Read More »

JaVonni Brustow Debates Hillary vs Trump on Belmont Radio

On Friday August 28th, our owner JaVonni Brustow appeared on Chicago’s Belmont Radio as a conservative commentator with the show’s host Marquise Wiley to discuss the current 2016 Presidential front runners, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Issues covered included smart...Read More »

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