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Pepa from Salt N Pepa Wished Her Boyfriend a Happy Birthday; Find Out What His Pregnant Wife Had to Say

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Wednesday, 09 May 2018 19:18 PM / No Comments

Sandra Denton, better known as Pepa from the 90s rap group Salt-N-Pepa made a harmless Instagram post wishing her boyfriend a happy birthday. How much trouble could something like that cause you ask? Well quite a lot if he’s married and his wife sees the post. Awkwaaaaaarrd. And not only is he married, but the woman he’s married to is PREGNANT.. with their child. Jesus H Christ, you can only imagine the type of ass whooping that’s going to follow here. Some of you might remember when Sandra spoke about the reason she wears weaves is because an ex literally ripped the hair out of her head in a fight, so she might want to watch her back creeping around with another woman’s man.

As expected, the wife of her boyfriend, actor Aundre Dean chose to let her have it in the caption for parading her HUSBAND around on social media. The pic she shared showed Sandra lighting his cigar at the Kentucky derby from this past weekend.

“Happy Birthday weekend to my man and #MCM @iamAundre keep pushing and being a good dad God will handle the rest,’ she captioned it. ‘No matter what, I’m here! #RideOrDie #PepItUp ” Sandra wrote.

The wife, Channel Jordyn reposted the pic and put Sandra ALL the way on blast. “When mistresses talk about God… it’s laughable!” she began. She went on to call her a senior citizen D list celebrity and accused her for taking part in keeping her man from visiting their child.

Sandra has apparently now gone on to turn off all comments on all recent pictures she’s posted and her boyfriend Aundre has done the same. This is a messy, messy situation and sadly what happens when cheating and trying to make that transition publicly. It will never be easy. Furthermore, the mother Channel released them both in the name of Jesus but is clearly feeling some type of way about the situation. The best thing she can do is remain calm for a healthy pregnancy. In the meantime we’re going to pray for her baby and her fighting skills once she gives birth.


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