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Omarosa Begins Firestorm Press Tour on ‘Meet the Press’ with a Secret White House Recording of the Chief of Staff

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Sunday, 12 Aug 2018 20:56 PM / No Comments
Photo Credit: NBC News

Omarosa appeared on Meet the Press this morning in her now whirlwind promo tour for her upcoming book Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House. This was her first interview since excerpts of the book came out in the Guardian yesterday in advance before the book’s release this Tuesday, August 14th. Already she’s had to clarify a number of accusatins from people who all appeared in the book that have claimed she’s not telling the truth. She claimed she’s heard the President call Counselor to the President Kellyann Conway’s husband referred to in racially charged terms to which Kellyann literally just refuted on Fox News as being untrue. Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer spoke to Howard Kurtz this morning saying Omarosa was offered a book deal and told if she said certain things she would get more money. In Omarosa’s defense, this is her third book deal as she said on Meet the Press so she isn’t doing this just for a book deal.

Most damning is that Omarosa claims there are tapes of Donald Trump saying the N word that she heard. In the book she said she was told by someone else there are tapes. On Meet the Press she said she heard the tape with her own ears after the fact “just as clear as we’re sitting together.” Then there is the whammy out of it all. Reports circulated at the end of 2017 that Omarosa was fired in the Situation Room by Chief of Staff John Kelly resulting in this fit of rage where she then tried to break into the White House residence area supposedly to try to speak to the President. What happened next was textbook Omarosa villain material where she apparently was physically removed kicking and screaming. That is quite the scene even from Omarosa which is why she brought a tape recording of her firing which she secretly recorded as evidence to prove that is not what occurred. These stories came from April Ryan who has had plenty of bad blood with Omarosa. Nearly all negative stories from the White House came from her as we have heard from numerous sources.

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She says she worked in an environment where it was every man for themselvelves and she wasn’t able to trust anyone so she had no choice but to record the meeting. While one can sympathize with her that she wanted to protect herself, there is not a scenario in the public or private sector where it is deemed appropriate to secretly record your boss speaking to you and then disseminate that information to the press. Also note that the Situation Room is where briefing material for the President is compiled everyday. This is obviously sensitive material. There have been months of leaks coming from the White House and while no clear source of the leaks have been found, it seems as though we have someone admitting to this on camera. Conservative commentator Candace Owens said she wants to see her pursued to the fullest extent of the law which we found a little comical because a few days ago Candace scolded Michael Eric Dyson for using big words at her so her use of words like pursued and extent makes us chuckle a little. (Maybe she can work her way up to three syllables soon.)

Omarosa is simply playing true to type as the ultimate villain. When asked about her book by the White House press pool at a bikers convention in New Jersey, Donald Trump called Omarosa a low-life. A leopard doesn’t change its spots. When it was first mentioned that Omarosa would be going to the White House in any capacity, we did a significant amount of research to try and see if she had anything in her background to justify the choice. At times we even give people a little extra push in writing about them in hopes to bolster their platform but we had nothing. Trump values loyalty and Omarosa had been there with him for a full 15 years. They essentially made each other stars but don’t be fooled, Omarosa plays dirty. That’s no surprise because it’s what we all knew about her and to see her turning on the President surprises no one. We had all hopes that she would do a good job while at the White House. Sometimes when you give people opportunities, they step up to the plate and perform. In hindsight it’s hard to see what she did while there. If we are incorrect in our analysis we’d love to be proven otherwise.

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Another hallmark of Omarosa’s was that she was the only African American in the White House which she would recite all of the time. People have said that that’s because no other blacks wanted to work there. As a person who has spent most of their entire life in and around government in Washington, I can say that that is 100% unequivocally false. There are people willing to leave other countries to work in the White House and plenty who simply want to work there despite the administration so there is no way that passes the smell test. Many have said she trashed all resumes from blacks looking to work there. Whether she did it because she didn’t want to lose her token “only black” title or because she didn’t want to be upstaged is up for debate but we have heard this from a number of sources.

Whether Omarosa is telling the truth or not in her book is yet to be seen. Her claim that the President is a racist and she simply had a blindspot refusing to believe that the entire time she worked with him is up for readers to believe but what hasn’t changed is that Omarosa is going to be Omarosa. The same way people have been saying “Let Trump be Trump,” well the same goes for Omarosa. And the ride is just starting.

Glitzers, are you going to be purchasing Omarosa’s new book this Tuesday?

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