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#OhSnap #Canceled: Ice Cube has Declared Drake’s Career Over

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Tuesday, 05 Jun 2018 14:56 PM / No Comments
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Drake has been in a number of beefs from Chris Brown to Ludacris and Meek Mill. It’s gotten to the point that he’s taken these beefs quite seriously and when he gets tired of using his lyrical chops, he takes a page from the 50 Cent School of Petty, enlisting the help of memes. He demolished Meek Mill in a Powerpoint meme roast. But this last beef with Pusha T seemed to signal the end of his reign as rap’s king, a notion solidified by none other than rap veteran Ice Cube. A couple days ago, Kanye West stepped in and declared the beef dead before it got out of hand but it seems to be a little too late for that. It’s over, according to Ice Cube and not exactly for reasons you would think.

During a Sana G Morning Show interview, he stated “He had a good run,” speaking of Drizzy. “You only got a three-year run in the rap game, baby! At the top, you only got three years at the tip-top of the rap game, and then you gotta find your place in this thing.”

As for Pusha T being the final straw that broke the Canadian’s back, knocking him off the top, he said “I don’t know if that did it,” he said. “I think it’s just, you know, your reign becomes over. I think the audience has determined that more.”

It’s three years in and then fans start to look for your replacement, Cube says. “That’s just been the pattern. It was the pattern with me.”

Joe Budden had a debate on his show about at what point did all of this go too far, because it isn’t a question of if it went too far, it clearly did. Cube says it was when Drake’s parents came up. “That ain’t cool,” he said. “I’m gonna have to see you. I might have to get a fair one. I might have to get that fade if you go too far. I’m gonna have to take it off the music if you go too far with my family.”

Back in ’91 Ice Cube recorded his No Vaseline diss track calling out the remainder of the N.W.A. members. When asked if he felt THAT went too far, he said it was within reasonable bounds. Considering at least when it pertains to Eazy E, the fact there were gay rumors about him, to have a diss track titled No Vaseline seems quite appropriate. Ice Cube would likely never out him if that were the case because it would lead to questions about himself for hanging with him keeping such a secret.

Glitzers, watch Ice Cube’s interview below discussing Drake’s career being over:


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