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Nikki Bella is Moving Out of John Cena’s House Putting Their Wedding Off Indefinitely

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Wednesday, 25 Jul 2018 13:58 PM / No Comments
Photo Credit: Erika Goldring, Stringer

Wrestling star Nikki Bella was just head over heels in love earlier this year wedding planning with fellow wrestler John Cena but things simply didn’t pan out the way she expected. She’s calling her wedding off again for about the 30th time it seems. The engaagement was called off in April and now she’s out house shopping in the La Jolla area of San Diego. She chose the area because that’s close to where her sister Brie lives and she does after all have a reality show she has to do with her.

The reason for the breakup could have been seen a mile away. While wedding planning on her show Total Bellas, she said that it wasn’t going the way she expected it. She thought she would be making a lot of the plans side by side with her husband. Relationships never go as expected for one and to say she’s 34, she should know that by now. On top of that, I’ve always said the one time not to mess with a woman is when she’s planning a wedding or pregnant. Those are the most emotional of times. On the Real Housewives of Potomac, Candiace Dillard called her husband a spawn of his deadbeat father. Ouch. In knowing how stressful the process can be, that would be the time for both parties to practice their eggshell stepping and at least try to get through it. Believe me, I’ve been there with a past engagement under my belt to prove it.

“John is, I mean, all in. Will do anything to work on us,” Nikki tells her family. “That’s what started this, is when he asked about working on us and I said, ‘For some reason, right now, I need to work on me.'”

“I legit have not slept. I packed till four in the morning,” Nikki reveals. “I didn’t give myself long enough the first time when we called it off and I should’ve given myself longer, but I got so excited that he wanted kids, I couldn’t believe it.”

“John, when I left, he wanted me to give him a few days to make my decision,” Nikki explains to the camera. “Everything is a time limit, like, you have to get married this point and you have to do this. Nothing can just be.”

“You can’t put a time limit on it, you just can’t,” Nikki insists.

During the season finale of Total Bellas this past Sunday, her sister Brie told her about John Cena, “he lost the woman of his dreams.” It was sad seeing Nikki talk about how she couldn’t bring herself to be happy during what was supposed to be one of the happiest times of a woman’s life.

“I couldn’t be happy at my bachelorette [party]. I couldn’t be happy at my engagement party,” a tearful Nikki says in E! News’ exclusive clip. “There’s something that is making me not feel like I can walk down that aisle right now.”

Nikki and John were seen out to dinner last month and it didn’t look pretty at all with nothing but strain and discomfort written all over their faces. Being in a relationship on reality television can be a strain with the pressure of keeping some level of drama for the cameras but never at the expense of your relationship. The two first started dating just a little over 6 years ago which is a long time. They owe it to each other to make it work. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for these two.


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