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Nicki Minaj Has Snatched Up Fetty Wap as a Rebound from Meek Mill

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Thursday, 22 Dec 2016 14:00 PM / No Comments

Nicki Minaj is a hot commodity. She dropped Safaree, got with Meek Mill and as soon as he started losing rap beef after rap beef, she’s dropped his ugly a** for the attractive albeit one eyed fellow rapper Fetty Wap according to reports. She hasn’t exactly made it official but sources say she’s gotten quite close to Fetty Wap since the breakup, getting with all of these famous rappers just to get under his skin. We know that since getting with her Meek’s pretty much cemented himself as a D lister versus actually improving his career so to see her with rappers that have actual careers, it must burn him up.

“Nicki’s loving the rumors that she’s dating all these famous rappers because it’s getting under Meek’s skin, which she loves,” Hollywood Life’s source reports. “She’s hoping it will light the fire under his ass so he realizes that /she’s a queen and that he should do something about it!”

Tensions have risen because of the failed battle rapper’s refusal to put a ring on it, Hollywood Life reports.

“Nicki fell mad hard for Meek and loves him to death but she doesn’t have all day to wait around for him to wife her,” their insider reported. “Yes, she’d marry him. Yes, she could spend the rest of her life with him but it’s up to him to ask!”

The irony here, aside from the fact that he did just post a thirst trap of her on his Instagram just days ago, remember when she got in trouble for mocking the disabled recently? Or Halloween of last year when she dressed as a fairy and ordered a man in a wheelchair to walk, laughing about it? How will she with a straight face date a man with one eye, unless she plans on using her magical powers to heal it, too? Nicki and Fetty do, however have an upcoming collab where she is on his single Like a Star. This is an interesting couple and kudos to Nicki
on finally getting with someone with some form of star power.


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