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NFL Player Eric Green Wants Us to Know He’s Got Plenty of D***

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Monday, 17 Jul 2017 07:11 AM / No Comments

Eric Green’s a former NFL player whose career ended with a bang… literally. Some time ago he forced himself on a transgendered woman after he brought her back to his condo in Arizona where he was playing for the Arizona Cardinals. She sued him saying he forcibly sodomized her and similarly sued the local police for humiliating her saying things such as “You’re not fooling me; I know you were not born a woman,” the officer allegedly mocked. “I can see your plastic surgery.”

Whether you like or agree with transsexuals or not, acting like that is unacceptable. What’s ALSO unacceptable is that Eric Green is entirely too attractive of a man to be behaving that way. Do you mean to tell me he has trouble taking anyone back home, resulting in him pulling stunts like this? I think not. Apparently he’s in to sending out peen pics from the one we got a hold of below. He could send that and have the vixens or transvixens lined up outside of his door. Again, this has been some time ago so hopefully Eric’s got it together by now.

Glitzers, check out Eric Green and the monster he sent someone via text below:


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