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#NewMusicAlert: Grey-Sun: The Mixtape by Jubilee King Bee

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Sunday, 24 Dec 2017 19:52 PM / No Comments

Florida rapper Jubilee King Bee, also known as DJ Greyson Jubilee has just released his sixth and latest new project, Grey-Sun: The Mixtape. Described as a compilation of things he’s done, random singles. unfinished and new work completed since 2015. Grey-sun is a timeline of emotional creative and spiritual position at this point. Many of the songs can be interpreted as one off thoughts but were always planned to be a art of the same project. The process of working on Grey-Sun, about 2.5 years of material, was life changing, Greyson said. It was important for him to cover the personal experiences he’s been going through.

The title track of the mixtape, Grey-Sun, an instrumental, is the most recent thing he’s made. Coming off of Shame, the previous track representing a year in and of itself, he needed to release something reflective of where he’s at now. He describes his current stage as being grey sun. A grey sun means he’s still a star, still shines bright but some of the colors are a little muted. With a grey sun you’re not getting all the colors of it but it’s still shining. The song’s composition, the way it starts and evolves explains how he’s dealt with coming out of a breakup and healing.

Greyson is quite the cultured artist, known for his ability to infuse a classic pieces in his music and his latest, Grey-Sun: The Mixtape is no different. The first track, WHOA samples ASAP by Jones Girl. Warrior samples from his favorite film, The Warriors which he says is reflective of his spiritual journey. Put Your Lips On It samples Tina Turner’s Simply the Best and Shame samples Labelle’s Isn’t It a Shame.

Outside of being a rapper, Jubilee King Bee produces the weekly GreyWorld Radio on Soundcloud as DJ Greyson Jubilee. His mixes can also be found each and every week on Grey-Sun, his sixth project comes after two solo albums, Prideology, Jungo Music, the EP Baile Peace and the mixtapes Shake Fest Volume 1 and 2.

Glitzers, check out Jubilee King Bee’s latest mixtape Grey-Sun below:
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