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MTV’s ‘Ex on the Beach’ Star Brandon Myers is a White Boy with a Huge D*ck3

By PopGlitz Staff / Published on Monday, 09 Oct 2017 21:50 PM / No Comments

It isn’t too often you hear about a white guy that’s packing, but MTV’s Brandon Myers from their reality show Ex on the Beach definitely has one. The show is about 8 men and women looking for love on vacation in paradise… while being joined by their exes for drama’s sake of course. He basically spent his time flashing all the other guys letting them know he had a bigger d*ck than them. Impressive was not the word. It was SO envious that he’s since decided to quit reality television and do porn.

He said: “Everyone was talking about it on Ex on the Beach. It’s nine and a half inches, and it’s a bit like having a tripod, or a third leg.


“I’m quite confident, so I was happy to whip it out on the show and tell the other boys, ‘hey, I’ve got a bigger d*** than you.’ It’s quite funny to show off.

“There’s no shame in being naked, is there? It’s easier than having clothes on.”

He now appears on and his fans couldn’t be happier to see his big d*ck self on demand.

Before we go we do have to acknowledge that he is extremely photogenic. He has an incredible compilation of photoshoots on his Instagram. Even if he chooses not to continue in porn, he’s definitely attractive and has other things he can do. That was never up for debate.

Check out Brandon Myers and his third leg below:

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