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Move Over Drake, Fetty Wap Does His Own Grocery Give Away in New Jersey

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Wednesday, 28 Mar 2018 17:15 PM / No Comments

Everyone’s still reeling from Drake going into a Broward County, Florida grocery store paying for what’s in everyone’s shopping carts for his God’s Plan but Fetty Wap’s experiencing a little “anything you can do, I can do better” these days. He was just in a New Jersey supermarket passing out gift cards. The store was ShopRite in Center City Mall. While there he took pics with fans and joked about how he might have scored some Easter invites. We’re sure Fetty has enough kids to tend to that day, or perhaps he needs a reminder he has SEVEN children… just in case he decides to go off and have some more. Maybe that’s why he last did a Thanksgiving turkey giveaway in 2015, all those d*mn kids.


Fetty Wap’s had a bit of a lucky streak lately. He just had a whopping 15 charges against him in a DWI arrest (which we will never understand how you can drive intoxicated with one eye, but WHATEVER) he had them dropped to just 2 charges. He got away with a $500 fine and 14 hours of impaired driving education. Mind you, a DUI usually results in people having visits at their job while being enrolled in a diversion program if they don’t lose their job at all, have their driving records tainted affecting job prospects, causes people to lose their insurance among other things so here go again with celebrity entitlement behavior. It’s also a wonder how someone like Fetty Wap could doesn’t end up in custody hearings following 15 counts in a DUI arrest. Then again, when you have children by people where you’re the one providing financially, they’re likely not to challenge you in court. (Sorry for the side rant. This was supposed to be positive.)

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