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Milo Quits Breitbart Amidst Pedophilia Claims; but What’s Next?

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Tuesday, 21 Feb 2017 19:51 PM / No Comments

British journalist and gay conservative Milo Yiannopoulos quit Breitbart News today, as a lead editor of theirs amidst claims of pedophile friendly audio tapes of him being recently revealed. The tapes came out just days before his keynote speech at the largest Republican event of the year, CPAC, was set to take place. His upcoming book Dangerous was also canceled by publisher Simon & Schuster, despite the $250,000 advance he’s already received. For full disclosure, I appear on a weekly Breitbart podcast with Sonnie Johnson, titled Did She Say That and for most of the last year, Sonnie and Milo were the only shows on the site, so it was a bit of friendly comradery and I had the chance to appear on a show with him to which I can confirm he is definitely every bit of the provocateur he claims to be. Now not considering the words that got him into trouble, which we’ll go over later, the invitation of Milo to CPAC in and of itself was a big deal as Milo represented the anti-establishment sentiment that helped propel Donald Trump into the White House.

In a time where colleges want crimes reported without stating race or sex to prevent from discriminating against anyone, here comes a gay conservative willing to flip the tables on liberal political correctness. Not just that, how about we’re actually using the phrase gay conservative out in the open discussing Milo? Milo’s invitation to the speak at CPAC showed diversity in the party, a welcome departure from the party’s stereotypical Archie Bunker reputation.

As for the words that landed Milo into Conservative purgatory, he made what appeared to be some flippant remarks about relationships older men have with younger boys explaining the psychology, age of consent and being the shock jock he is, a joke or two from his own past including how at 14 he was the aggressor and thanked God for Father Michael because if it weren’t for him his own oral skills wouldn’t be so great. The latter was quite funny and I will not apologize for laughing at it. Of course some other things were thrown in there and British humor is a bit otherworldly, not to mention, as he discussed the definition of pedophilia and the age of consent, he was foggy on the number. That is because the age of consent in the UK, where he is from varies from country to country. Does this mean he condones pedophilia or anywhere advocated it? Absolutely not. He has said that though in most cases the only regret he has is that he doesn’t always have the chance to offend more people, but in this case he wished he had been clearer.

The irony here is that on a daily basis I have trolls who have a list of Conservatives with their own well publicized tales of sexual deviancy that actually happened and not some remark from a self-proclaimed troll which by definition, a troll’s job is to irk and provoke which is exactly what is happening here. There are liberals outraged, quite honestly thinking, “how dare he not vote Democrat” and Conservatives, because somehow he’s gone too far. Spoken as though he were the British Ted Nugent with bangles and eyeliner, Milo has now somehow become reprehensible for taking his time explaining the definition of a form of assault he faced as a child and subsequently outed 3 pedophiles in his career, 3 more than many of those outraged. Ted Nugent was allowed to perform for candidate Trump on several occasions and has been an active and vocal supporter of the party for decades despite writing a song called Jailbait about banging a 13 year old, and the fact he adopted a 17 year old so he could sleep with her. No one seems to be outraged about that yet Anthony Wiener’s name was drug through the mud by the Right for texting adults. It’s amazing how selective outrage works.

Putting aside the merit of Milo’s quitting, the book and speech canceling, what’s next for Milo? All those things seem quite inconsequential at this point. One thing that Milo has accomplished is showing that it’s possible to be a Conservative and fun. He’s helped lighten up a party that just 4 years ago had a convention where the highlight was a feeble Clint Eastwood shouting at an empty chair. Something needed to happen and it did. Whether Conservatives accept him after this is currently up for debate. We know that establishment Republicans likely won’t as they thumb their nose at most of Breitbart as a whole but he has carved out a fan base among the party much as Donald Trump has that for better or worse will be following him. He announced that his book will be published on schedule this year as other publishers have expressed their interest. As with many of Milo’s press mentions, all negatives seem to boost his career. When he mocked Leslie Jones for her appearance in Ghostbusters before she went crying to Twitter, resulting in him being permanently banned, he was the leading topic of discussion. The same happened after the UC Berkely riot in response to his invite to speak. He says his next tour will be starting soon as well as other media ventures. Though rough around the edges, Milo opened up a path for other voices to speak that might not have the obligatory beard of a weekend wife and kids that you leave for Washington like everyone else here. Hang in there, Milo. You’ll be just fine.

Watch Milo’s press conference annoucing his resignation from Breitbart News below:


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