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Milan Christopher & Sirr Brock are Back to Dragging Each Other Online

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Saturday, 15 Jul 2017 22:40 PM / No Comments

At this point I’m really getting tired of these two. Milan Christopher and Siir Brock simply INSIST on dragging this break up of theirs throughout the internet for years. Sirr Brock popped it off by saying that his ex Milan was stalking his page. Milan replied saying that wasn’t possible as he blocked him years ago and the draaaaaagging ensued. From one long, drawn out rant to the the next, these two went for blood from Milan accusing Siir Brock of butt injections, being a psychopath and 40 to Milan releasing hidden video footage of Siir Brock begging for them to stay together admitting to hitting him. Now the latter I find a little funny as Milan is bigger than Brock so if he let him put his hands on him, he’s simply a dumbass. Then again, we’ve all seen his sex tape… he’s able to take a little beating. (Pun intended)

These two devised a publicity stunt to get on television and it didn’t quite work out as planned, which is the problem here. For starters, no straight man would be hanging around Milan Christopher, who has been on the internet butt *** naked for the last decade, so that lie NEVER flew. Also, Milan was introduced on the show as a rapper. *crickets* I’m waiting on news of some music of his… a beat, a recorded queef, anything. And lastly, Milan is the one who came out on the better end of the situation but not that much more… he’s still doing internet porn but more people are looking at it now. Still no sign of any music from him. Either way, he came up with the lie with Siir Brock he should have seen him straight to the end instead of dropping him the way he has. That’s how you get exposed. Karma has a way of handling people like that… such as having their arse beat by the next man for being the enormous prick he is.

Glitzers, look at the foolishess and covfefe these two are keeping up below. Will they ever just f*** and get it over with already so we can stop hearing about it?


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