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Michael Savage Reveals Shocking Truth About Russian Blame Game

By Nick Poling / Published on Thursday, 16 Feb 2017 12:37 PM / No Comments

Today Michael Savage revealed some shocking details about the Russian interference with the recent presidential election. It has mostly gone unnoticed, but the FBI never investigated the DNC servers to see who hacked the servers first hand. All this “intelligence officials say they have strong evidence that Russia” is completely bogus!

The government intelligence community has no first hand knowledge of the incident at all as they were never given access to find evidence. A company called Crowd Strike are the only ones who had access to the DNC servers. One of the company’s founders is none other than Dmitri Alperovitch who Savage claims is an anti-Russian activist.

Dmitri’s previous employer McAfee didn’t quite seem to agree with his findings as stated during an interview with Larry King.

Via WashingtonBlog

Alperovitch first gained notice when he was the VP in charge of threat research with McAfee. Asked to comment on Alperovitch’s discovery of Russian hacks on Larry King, John McAfee had this to say. “Based on all of his experience, McAfee does not believe that Russians were behind the hacks on the Democratic National Committee (DNC), John Podesta’s emails, and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. As he told RT, “if it looks like the Russians did it, then I can guarantee you it was not the Russians.”

Further details that Savage outlined was that none other than Google Capital funded this investigation. It easily observed that Google has radical left leaning ideologies when it comes to politics. They regularly import workers for jobs here in America, and push goofy ads trying to promote such ideals. Google Boss Eric Schmidt previously worked on Hillary Clinton’s campaign website and was highly supportive of her candidacy.

Meanwhile, almost immediately after the blame game started with Russia the official WikiLeaks twitter came out and denied that they got their information from Russia. In fact they greatly implied, if not out-rightly said, that it was an inside job. Not too long afterwards DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered in cold blood.

Michael Savage during his broadcast went on to paint the picture of how this Russian blame game was very suspicious and unlikely true due to such factors as radical left leaning agents involved in the process. He read verbatim from his latest book Trump’s War of which he said “makes news.”

True to his word this is definitely news as many people believe the government intelligence agencies are the ones who found evidence of Russian hacking, but in fact they had no access to find any evidence. Looking at the bigger picture it does seem that as Savage calls it “the government media complex” are intrinsically involved in misinformation and misdirection tactics to undermine the recent free election.

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