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Mariah Carey Talks New Beau, Single & Tour in New AP Interview

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Saturday, 18 Feb 2017 16:49 PM / No Comments

Valentine’s Day has passed and Mariah Carey was last seen in a villainous scene wearing a red dress setting her wedding dress on fire in a recent music video, so the Associated Press caught up with her to see how she was doing. Art mimics life and for those who have followed the career of Mariah Carey, that wedding dress blaze moment in the video for her new single I Don’t with rapper YG was definitely a real moment for her.

She just experienced a pretty public breakup with billionaire James Packer with everything from claims of her saying he wasn’t spending enough money on her to rumors of her throwing a laptop out of a hotel window for playing a Beyonce record while spending time together, so it was understandable when she told the AP she wasn’t interested in discussing her personal life. The only catch is she said “Me and my boyfriend don’t want to do that.” Well played, Mariah. What a coy way of making a public announcement, although the Valentine’s Day Instagram pic sharing the bathtub together probably raised eyebrows as well. Also she clarified that the wedding dress she threw in the fire pit wasn’t the $250,000 one she was given.


“It was fun and it wasn’t that very expensive one that they think it is,” she clarified. “You shouldn’t be wasteful, so I’m going to do something with charity and wedding dresses, I think.”

Mariah will be hitting the road with Lionel Ritchie for the All the Hits tour from March 15th to May 27th. the two first met nearly 20 years ago when she was invited to sing Hero with Pavarotti in ’99. It’s going to be a family affair as the twins Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe Cannon, also known as #DemBabies will be coming along. We’re not sure if she still calls them that considering they’re 5 years old now.

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“Roc and Roe do get to come,” she said. “They love to go onstage and actually they are very musical already. They have their school, and they have their teacher. They are doing really well but they don’t love the school, let’s just put it that way. But they are happy when they get to go with me on tour and there’s other kids there, too, so it’s good.”

Mariah is one of the biggest selling artists of all time selling over 200 million albums, a woman whose sheer presence comes with fanfare from bringing her own lighting crew to do radio to rumors of having kittens on her rider, she admits the bar is pretty high for all she does, a bar far higher than simply remaining relevant.

“It’s very difficult, especially the way the business is now,” she said. “I truly love music and always have. It’s not like … ‘Oh, here’s a way to get famous.’ It wasn’t any of those things. It was my release, it was my everything and it still is. So I think that I’m just grateful that people still tune in.”

And let us not forget about her New Year’s Eve performance where after repeat technical issues she simply threw up her hands and went through the physical motions without bothering to sing whatsoever on one of the biggest stages one could be offered.

“I didn’t obsess over the New Year’s Eve thing,” she added. “I mean, I was upset about the fact that people didn’t understand, but it’s like, I can only explain it like this to you.”
She added: “It’s like I’m the only one that has to make five million comebacks. … For me there are different rules, I don’t know why. I don’t know why it’s not OK that I was just like victimized and vilified by the situation.”

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Glitzers, watch Mariah Carey’s AP interview below announcing her relationship below:

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