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Mariah Carey Responds to Disastrous NYE Performance with “Shit Happens”

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Sunday, 01 Jan 2017 02:35 AM / No Comments

The holidays are Mariah Carey’s time every year. She has the most played Christmas song every year, just came off of a tour, announced another with Lionel Richie, but when she canceled her Christmas concert at the last minute, was dumped by her fiance and her team had to ask what time the ball would drop on New Years Eve, we should have known something was bound to happen with Mariah. She had an epic f*** up so bad that it was completely edited out for the west coast. Her ear monitor wasn’t working as she repeatedly said she coudln’t hear herself, the backing track came on for some songs, not others and for the majority of her set she gave up and let the audience sing. At the end she appeared to be holding back tears, stormed off stage, was seen yelling at producers and reportedly crying near her trailer. It is safe to say someone if not everyone she lays on eyes will be fired by morning.

But the diva took things in stride. After allowing it all to circulate the internet, instead of a middle of the night rant she responded with a gif of herself with her saying “Shit happens” and a laughing meme. Well played, Maraiah. Gotta K.I.T., keep it together.

For those who missed her performance…


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