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Malaysia Pargo Talks Her True Feelings about Evelyn Lozada, Behind the Scenes Drama & More

By Teonny Spears / Published on Wednesday, 16 Aug 2017 17:02 PM / No Comments

This was not a easy season for Basketball Wives star Malaysia Pargo. From feeling alone without her best friend Brandi Maxiwell and trying to be a friend to Jackie Christie during her beef with Evelyn Lozada, Malaysia was once one of the most likeable cast members but she was faded into the background.

Malyasia sat down with VH1 for an exclusive interview where she spoke about the behind the scenes drama o the show, how former LA cast members like Brandi and Draya should have returned and her feelings on Evelyn returning:

ON EVELYN’s RETURN: “Evelyn returning, for me, I was like, “Perfect, the more the merrier.” I felt like it was an even playing field and there was room for all of us to showcase who we are and what we’re about.”

ON WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN THEM BEHIND THE SCENES: “Behind the scenes, I believe Evelyn wanted [this season] to be a Miami situation without the [Basketball Wives] LA cast. I feel like she initially tried to take away the LA cast and try and do it on her own but was not able to so that’s why I came back.”

ON SHAUNIE SAYING SHE HAD NO SUBSTANCE: “In the beginning I was just like, wow, like you and I have never had an issue with each other. It was very unfair because I have children and it’s very hurtful for your children and their friends to see another grown woman sit and tell your mother that she doesn’t have substance. I have kids that I’m raising to look up to me so it was a very sad situation but I needed to just sit there and be sane and let her tell me because I can take constructive criticism if it’s true. But you’re kind of talking out of your ass to just say anything because you just said, “I don’t know you but the couple of times I’ve sat with you it was nothing.” We can’t really talk about race or religion or things that normal adults would talk about because we have to sit and talk about [what’s happening] on the show. You haven’t had a chance to talk to me about the important things.”

ON HER FORMER LA CASTMATES: “I really feel like, had we known what Miami was planning, it would have been a better show, had they allowed all of us to do the same thing. If we were to have a Draya, a Laura Govan, and Jackie, Brandi, me, and maybe even Bambi [Benson], we would definitely have a very trill show.”


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