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Lyrica Anderson Gets Confirmed as Pregnant + Roccstar Claims He Slept with Her Too So Who’s the Father?

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018 10:11 AM / No Comments
Photo Credit: Lyrica Anderson/Instagram

Just a few days ago we reported that Lyrica Anderson was dancing on camera with Teairra Mari when Teairra revealed Lyrica was pregnant. It resulted in profanity from Lyrica with Teairra doubling down and posting the video to her page repeating that Lyrica’s pregnant as the caption. A day later she’s taking pics showing off her baby bump. While we’re happy this is her first pregnancy, she has some explaining to do… as in, who’s child is it? Teairra Mari says it’s her husband’s but since she has everyone else convinced she slept with Safaree and never seemed to deny it throwing drinks and flippin’ tables over, could it be Safaree’s?

Sources says she slept with producer Roccstar while she was broken up with her husband A1. No wonder the two have such animous for each other. It appears Lyrica and A1 broke up and conveniently forgot to mention it on camera or production is stringing us all alone for the sake of drama. Apparently Roccstar has openly admitted to sleeping with her as well. “It’s going to be the whole ‘who is the baby daddy mystery?’ Roccstar flat out said he had sex with Lyrica. He’s being super messy,” the source says. It all makes sense as Lyrica’s friends seemed to have no issues saying who she’s been sleeping with while married. Most people not only wouldn’t spread that information about their married friends, they wouldn’t do it on camera. If they were split up then she’s essentially free to do what she was doing. It’s also understandable that Lyrica wouldn’t want names floated around out in the street either to make her husband jealous. But Lyrica, for the sake of your child, your marriage and your career I absolutely hope you used protection while being with those two other guys.

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Video Credit: JaysRealityBlog/Instagram


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