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Lil Kim Files Bankruptcy and Hasn’t Paid Uncle Sam in Almost 15 Years

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Monday, 11 Jun 2018 12:27 PM / No Comments
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Lil Kim is having financial trouble which is no surprise considering she hasn’t put out an album since baggy pants were in but the handling of her finances seems to very much reflect how she’s handled her career. Her 6,000+ square foot mansion is days away from foreclosure and its reported that she hasn’t paid taxes since 2004. So you mean to tell me over all of these years it never occurred to her maybe to pay just one year, maybe two to show some sort of good faith? Who did her taxes? Karen Huger’s husband? Jesus H. Christ and within the last year she has reported her income dropping in half from $823,659 in 2016 to $398,000. Her monthly income of $18,286 sees $12,784 of it going towards expenses.

Now for the assets. She has a 2005 Bentley worth $52,600, $25,000 of jewelry, and a 2000 Mercedes worth $4,200. Now Kim, you live in a 6,000 square foot home and rap around clothing labels. Why do you have an almost 20 year old car, Kim? Why? She spends $2,200 a month on wardrobe, $10,410 a month traveling and entertainment, $2,317 on staff and a $6,610 a month mortgage.

While the internet went off about Kim’s financial situation, she hopped on Instagram saying that while we were all talkin’ all that smack (her words, not mine) she’s got somethin’ for all of us. Okay, Kim. You’ve been having something for us for almost 15 years and you’ve been threatening to kick Nicki Minaj’ a** for the last 10. At this point, Kim just needs a rich husband to take care of her and sustain her lifestyle. And ladies, let this be a lesson to you. For all the years Kim rapped about her sexual prowess, now at age 43 it hasn’t landed her a man who wants to put a ring on it and keep it… So look where it’s got her. #JesusFixIt

Glitzers, check out Lil Kim going off on Instagram about the what she has coming out soon below:



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