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Sources Say Kourtney Kardashian “Distanced Herself From Her Sisters” While Dating Younes Bendjima

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Thursday, 16 Aug 2018 17:00 PM / No Comments
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Not too long ago Kourtney Kardashian seemed to have been living her best life with her hot young boyfriend, model Younes Bendjima. It could be the fact that she was on the rebound and was just as blinded by his body as the rest of us were but while in the relationship she distanced herself from her sisters. At least that’s what a source has told People Magazine.

“Kourtney was always so private and closed off when it came to Younes, and that really distanced herself from her sisters,” a source tells PEOPLE. “Things are fine with them now and I’m sure they’ll get even more back to normal now that it seems he’s out of the picture for good.”


Here’s the thing to remember about Kourtney. She spent years upon years dating, breaking up and getting back together with Scott Disick much to the disapproval of her family. Absolutely no one liked him, well except maybe for her mother Kris Jenner who laughed uncontrollably about the size of his junk before going on and planning a reality show together. By the way, does anyone know if that ever aired? It seemed like just a reason for the two to spend time together to me. Hmpf. Either way, Kourtney has had enough drama with her family inserting themselves in her relationships so who could blame her for trying to keep her relationship private? And doesn’t reality television ruin relationships, anyway?

The source added “This could be a really positive thing for her relationship with her family,” referring to the two being broken up now. We do have to admit it’s a little hard seeing those two being no more because they had a romance novel beginning to their relationship. They met in Paris the night before her sister Kim Kardashian was robbed in 2016. While obviously emotional, there stood this hunky model and it seems like the rest was history. It wasn’t until summer of 2017 that their relationship was confirmed after being out togehter at Cannes. Well, it was storybook coupling up until he started getting jealous over her posting half naked pictures as though he would expect anything else from a Kardashian.

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What we’ve witnessed is a starlet trying to maintain a career and a healthy relationship along with it. The only reason Kim has remained in the relationship she’s in with Kanye for so long is because he spends so much time away traveling. We’ve all heard about the Kardashian curse. No shade to Kourtney. We still wish her the best but it is what it is. Tyga did a freestyle on radio about how he broke the curse. Kourtney’s just trying to not contribute to the curse.

“I don’t need to expose every aspect of my life,” she said on the Dec. 10 episode of KUWTK. “I mean, I don’t know what the balance should be with showing and not showing, but like, you can’t yell at me for how I want to handle it and don’t.”

“Kourtney’s got a new boyfriend and a new therapist and I don’t know which one’s the problem, but she’s a different human being,” Kim, 37, said on Sunday’s episode. “She’s so nasty to us.” Doesn’t that make her a nasty woman.. like what Hillary, the woman Kim voted for was proud to call herself? Just sayin.’

“There’s two new things in her life: boyfriend, and then her therapist,” added Khloé, 34, during a discussion with momager Kris Jenner. “Ever since then she’s been a raging bitch and instead of her owning it, she takes it out on everyone else. It’s so rude. It’s not how you raised any of us.” Oh, Kim. It isn’t nice to call your sister a bitch.

Her baby father Scott Disick said he never liked Younes. A source told People he “hated Younes.” To be fair he also hated sobriety so go figure. They also said he was “happy things are over.” Of course he is. He’s the ex that just won’t go away and being so close to the family with filming it takes a lot to stay away from him.

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Another source says Kourtney is “happy being single for now.” “Kourtney is doing great,” said the source. “She isn’t seeing Younes. After all the drama with Scott over the years, she wasn’t going to put up with any drama from Younes. She cut him off. She is focused on her kids and herself.”

Good for you, Kourtney on being happy now but a little piece of advice that I tell everyone… don’t forget your family. They’ll be there when no one else is so while you might want space, don’t push them away too far. And beyond that, please stay away from Scott. Drugs are bad and that guy, along with his eggplant sized peen as your mother called it are a drug and you need to detox from it. Mmkay?


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