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Kim Zolciak Turns 40 + Nene Leakes’ Husband is Out of the Hospital

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Thursday, 24 May 2018 01:24 AM / No Comments
Photo credit: Nene Leakes, Kim Zolciak/Instagram

The last we heard from ‘Wig’ as Nene Leakes likes to call Kim Zolciak was when she stormed off the reunion set of the Real Housewives of Atlanta when she made it sound like she felt racism didn’t exist before the internet. Some time has gone by and she now wants us to know that she is just as hot and viable a star as ever. Of course she has her own show, Tardy for the Party about her, her husband, her kids and her drinking problem as Kandi Burruss says, but she also just turned 40. And if there’s anyone we’ve seen more of their body it’s probably Kim Zolciak. We might have seen Cynthia Bailey’s boobs every 4th episode, but Kim is definitely proud of the plastic body she’s got to get the fortune she currently sits on. She spent her 40th birthday in the ocean with her husband that made sure to get a pic of her a*s at the most perfect angle… of course. But we can’t complain. Kim does look good, with the exception of the duck lip memes floating around.

As for her reunion behavior, Real Housewives Executive Producer Andy Cohen said in an interview with Jenny McCarthy for her Sirius radio show that the reunion was so bad he wished he had walked off. In all the years he’s hosted the reunions he’s never walked off but this one caused him to express regret over not doing so.


“I had a really rough time for the last chunk [of the RHOA Reunion] when Kim was on,” Andy admitted to Jenny. “I hate a five against one situation because it’s a gang-up. And the problem is that Kim…well, it’s less problematic when the person is good at taking up for themselves. Kim was not having an easy time with her words. She was making it harder for herself.”

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“I wish that I had walked off,” he joked. “I’ve never walked off – everyone else has. The next day, I was like ‘Damn it! YOU should have walked off!’” “It has to be balls to the wall bad for me to walk off.”

He also adamantly defended Kim against charges of racism where she said racism wasn’t even really a thing prior to the show. He said in the moment, it had been a long day and he didn’t realize how big the exchange was at the time.

“It’s funny because in that moment – and I will always tell you that I can be an idiot sometimes – I was like, the reunion’s done. They’re never using this. I was so dumb!”

“I don’t think Kim is a racist. I’ll say it now, and I’ll say it a hundred times. I think that she is not the greatest at expressing herself sometimes, and I think what she meant in that moment was that racism in the age of social media is sometimes exacerbated or construed differently than it was before.”

“She was also beaten down because it was the end of the day,” Andy continues, “and sometimes when you’re in that pressure cooker situation, you’re not exactly at your finest.”

Kim was happy to return to the show after years of being gone only for it to turn into a nightmare. As we previously reported, Kim told TMZ at LAX last month that she was never ever returning to the show again. Keep in mind she was trying to negotiate being brought on as a full time cast member. She was just a friend this season but that’s because producers didn’t think she had enough going on to justify a full time salary, even though she was willing to take a pay cut on her spinoff Tardy for the Party. Maybe now that she sees Andy is on her side she’ll consider coming back, at least just for the fans.

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Her former bestie Nene Leakes is currently celebrating her husband Greg Leakes‘ good health. He just came home after 16 days in the hospital. Apparently the entire time he wanted Nene to keep working but she chose to cancel her comedy shows scheduled in that time period to stay by her husband’s side. Sites like RadarOnline stated he was in the Emergency Room for 16 days which who TF has ever heard of that happening? Then they reported he had heart issues and food poisoning, which Nene said was just a ploy to find out what exactly was going on. Smarter than your average reality star, Nene didn’t take the bait and has yet to explain what happened. She did however post footage of him walking which he seemed to be struggling doing. It makes one wonder if it were a stroke, God forbid. Either way, we’re glad to see him back home and doing well.

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