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Kim Zolciak Doesn’t Care What You Have to Say About Her Baboon A** Lips

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Sunday, 05 Aug 2018 01:12 AM / No Comments
Photo Credit: Kim Zolciak/Instagram

Kim Zolciak got major backlash after the season 10 reunion of the Real Housewives of Atlanta when multiple screenshots of her lips looking freakishly large began floating around. That coupled with her sometimesy plastic surgery that looks fine one minute and effed up the next, we thought we had seen the last of her Frankenstein lips, especially after that time she told Kenya Moore “I don’t know what you are” and Kenya responded saying “I know I’m not a duck, like your lips.” Not so according to Kim who is still pumpin’ those things with Fix-a-Flat much to the disdain of social media and the general public.

She took a pic with her youngest bracing herself for life once he goes off to pre-school saying, “My heart hurts just thinking about this nugget starting Pre-K next week!!,” Zolciak, 40, wrote alongside a series of selfies with her 4-year-old daughter. “@kaiabiermann you light up our world!! Big Big Personality and lots of Sass.”

What she probably wasn’t expecting was the onslaght of rebuke against what she had done to her face in the comments like one user saying “Sweet Jesus, what happened to this woman’s face? Surely someone from her close crowd could tell her she’s starting to look like a caricature of her old self. This doesn’t look pretty at all. She’ll be the butt of the jokes in no time. Sad.”

Another wrote “I’m sorry Kim but your looking distorted …. maybe take a break from the fillers your beautiful without all of that. Just trying to help.”

One of her followers managed to get a response from her with them saying “Beautiful…but Kim your such a gorgeous woman you don’t need the lip fillers!!” the fan wrote and I can just imagine her adjusting her belt like Yosemite Sam saying ready to attack. She replied saying “I love them for now.” The key word is “for now.” After a full millenium of people trying to look like Angelina Jolie who is now getting divorced and Kylie Jenner who has stopped using fillers, this silly trend might finally be coming to an end.

Glitzers, take a look at Kim Zolciak and her baboon lips below:



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