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Khia GOES OFF on Ts Madison & Funky Dineva & Talks about Mo’Nique Getting Sexually Abused by Her Brother + Funky Dineva DRAGS Khia for the GAWDS

By Teonny Spears / Published on Tuesday, 13 Feb 2018 23:50 PM / No Comments

The last 24 hours have been a complete mess and I love it honestly. Let me fill you guys in right quick. It has been announced that after a little over a year, The Queen’s Court is getting revamped!!! While it’s NOT OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED at this time, many people are fearing that Khia has left the show.


The allegations come just moments after Khia’s co-host Ts Madison took to Social Media to announce upcoming extended break revealing that she is taking some time off to re-format the show:

Because of this, fans have been campaigning for vlogger Funky Dineva to replace her and Khia was NOT having it. Khia went live on Instagram this morning and defended herself and threw Ts Madison under the bus, stating that she and Mo’Nique were the reasons for the technical issues. She then went off on Mo’Nique stating that she was only invited because of Madison:

“I don’t give a f*ck about you being Mo’Nique, hoe. I don’t give a f*ck because I wouldn’t have invited your f*ck a*s in the first place. But see, you eased in through Maddie again because b*tch I don’t give a f*ck about you Mo’Nique.”

She then crossed the line by bringing up Mo’Nique’s past when she was sexually abused by her brother:

“Were you really playing your momma on ‘Precious’ the way your momma did you when your brother was f*cking the sh*t out you, b*tch and your momma loved her only son…he was a momma’s boy and she told you to keep taking that d*ck and your daddy couldn’t save you b*tch so you went on there and played your momma on Precious.”

Khia then went off on Funky Dineva and “exposed” his cocaine usage but Funky Dineva had time today and not only said that Khia uses internet conspiracies to create content for her show and only low budget bitches are into her, but also called Khia’s daughter a whore, her son “retarded” and her grandchild trash!

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Then he went on to say that her children won’t claim her, Philly doesn’t want her, Tampa chased her away, and she’s scared to go to celebrity events. He also called Ts Madison a fool (which I can agree to) because she’s an LGBT spokesperson and she lets Khia call people f@ggots and s|ss|es.:

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